Friday 6 May 2016

How Long Have We Got?

In a hundred years time there will still be Conservatives, people who believe in Tradition, Order and Family. But what type of traditions will there be in a hundred years? What sort of order and I dread to think of what kind of family will exist in a hundred years if Liberalism continues to triumph.

In a hundred years will my country still exist? The land will still exist but will my country? Will my Race still exist or my Ethnicity? In a hundred years time will people still think of a white person when they think of an Australian?

A hundred years is a long way off isn't it?

So lets look at right now, how long do we have?

Three days ago the Australian Government announced that the immigration target for next year is 190,000, the same figure it has been for the last 5 years. That means that in the past five years 950,000 people have been allowed to moved into Australia to live. So basically every 5 years a million more people arrive in Australia.

Australia's population reached 24,000,000 around the start of 2016, so a million people every 5 years is a great deal of people. In 1968 the population was 12,000,000, in 48 years the population has doubled. At the current rate there will be a new million added every 3 years from births, immigration and longer life spans. Today 36% of every person living in Australia was born outside of Australia, only Luxembourg has a higher percentage of people born outside of the country.

Australia is disappearing right before my eyes, I see it every day. But the thing that makes it even worse is that I know that the failed social policies of Liberalism has lead to a decline in Australia's white population, just as it has everywhere else in the West. Feminism means women spend the most fertile time of their life working instead of having children. Men have lost out to Free Trade and Feminism and find it hard to have a stable income. Both of these things mean that families are not being created, that the people of the future are not being born.

By the middle of this century there will be a massive drop of the White population world wide, by around half. It will not be equal, some areas will be much more affected than others. But at the same time the non-white population will increase. So the percentage of White people in the world will be even smaller.

So apart from depressing everyone, whats my point?

My point is that we don't have forever. The days of Conservatives sitting around navel grazing are over.....assuming we want things fixed. If we are to have any affect on the future we need to get moving, time is running out. Unless we do something to change the future it isn't going to be our future.

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  1. We need to focus on the illness, not just on the symptoms. Mass immigration, feminism, LGBT stuff, radical environmentalism - they're the symptoms. The illness is our desire for civilisational suicide. For the first time in history we have elites who are not merely incompetent - they actively want to destroy their own society. And the general population has no interest in stopping them from doing so.

    Unless we can address these problems there's no point in worrying about the symptoms. Even if we could halt immigration temporarily we would simply find another way to commit societal suicide.

    We have to convince people that our civilisation is worth saving. At the moment there's a disturbingly high proportion of the population that genuinely thinks our civilisation deserves to be destroyed.

    One thing conservatives need to do is to stop apologising for the supposed wickedness of western civilisation. If even conservatives feel the need to apologise for our so-called sins then it reinforces the idea that our society really is evil and deserves to die. We need to project pride and self-confidence and strength.

  2. "In a hundred years will my country still exist? The land will still exist but will my country? Will my Race still exist or my Ethnicity? In a hundred years time will people still think of a white person when they think of an Australian?"

    This is across the board in most "western nations". England, Sweden, United States, etc. Replacement of the traditional population is on the way and in some quarters is strongly encouraged.