Friday 29 April 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?

A short while ago I read, and I paraphrase here "that Conservatives talk philosophy, but Liberals talk strategy.". It's an interesting idea. When I read that I thought we do do a lot of philosophy. But it is rare for us to discuss strategy. Why is that?

I think it's because we are individualistic, we have our ideas and thoughts and we stick to them. Unlike those on the broad Left who are collectivists. They tend to move on when the collective wants them too. If they are unable to move on they tend to end up calling themselves "Conservatives" and believing themselves to be so, but they rarely if ever are.

But it is quite hopeless to talk about strategy in isolation, all by yourself. Only a group, even a smallish one, can hope to carry out any kind of strategy. A strategy in this context is a long term plan. But we don't have any long term plans because we don't have any groups to formulate them or to carry them out. Conservatives are a million Armies of one.

How do we effect change if we do not have any strategy?

How do we effect change if we have no one to formulate or to carry out such a strategy?

I assume that if your here reading my blog that your as sick and tired of where the world is heading as I am. In fact I'm not only sick of where it's heading I'm sick of it right now. I don't want to return to a past world, I want to transform this one. I want the world to make sense, I want the natural order restored. I assume I'm not the only one?

But all I see and hear is how the world is going bad and how I'm powerless to do anything about it. There are groups who oppose Islam, or who want to stop immigration, or who oppose Feminism. I support all of those things, not because I hate Muslims or immigrants or women, not even Leftest ones, I oppose them (amongst others) because they are weapons that the broad Left uses to attack us, that they use to destroy us. But I don't want to belong to 3 groups were I support 60% of the agenda. I'd like to support at least 90%, maybe I'm just greedy. But I don't want to support Liberalism and that 40% that I do not support is because they still believe in many of the first principles of Liberalism. That all people are equal for example, or that Feminism is good except for the extreme bits, ignoring the fact that feminism is always extreme.

It may sound as if I'm blaming everyone else for this state of affairs but I am also aware of my own limitations. I doubt I can write any better or think any clearer, this is as good as I get. But it is not enough, things aren't getting any better, we can all see that. I can see my country disappearing right before my eyes and how do I fight back....with a blog!   

That's quite pathetic.

When I'm asked what did I do to defend everything that I love, what do I say?

That I wrote a fucking blog?

It's not enough, it was never enough but I am only one man. I'm just another Army of one and they don't win many battles, let alone wars. Well this Soldier feels at times like he should desert, but where would I run, where would I hide? There is no where to run and no where to hide, so where do I go from here?

Until Conservatives decide to fight in groups we cannot do anything but lose. And I don't mind telling you that I'm sick of losing. I wonder if I'm only one?

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  1. Mark, here is one little success story:

    The American Family Association has led a successful boycott of the American Target store (not connected to Australian Target). Over 1 million people have joined the boycott and the Target share price has dropped 5% (meaning a few billion dollars lost).

    1. The American Family Association has led a successful boycott of the American Target store

      Boycotts do have potential. And conservatives have used them successfully in the past. It was the threat of boycotts that forced Hollywood to clean up its act in the early 1930s. The interesting thing about that struggle is that the boycotts were not actually necessary - the threat of boycotts was enough.

      The transgender issue is a real opportunity. The Cultural Left may well have over-reached itself on that issue and a widespread backlash is a genuine possibility.

  2. Mark, we need to get back to building something on the ground. We lost momentum with this. I'm not quite ready as I really want to dedicate my time to finishing my booklets - I want to have a comprehensive overview of our politics to present to people when I do set out again.

    As for strategy, I think we need to be the strand on the alternative right with a positive focus, rather than a nihilistic "let things burn" one.

    In the short term I think the strategy should be:

    1. Build up something on the ground.
    2. Follow what the Sydney Trads are doing in establishing themselves as the intellectual heavyweights on the alternative right.
    3. Find ways to connect to young people, for instance, by promoting ourselves on campuses.
    4. Find ways to contribute in terms of political activism when specific campaigns do emerge. We could get in touch with the leaders of these campaigns and offer what resources we do have - in terms of media reach, some finances no matter how limited and so on.

    Finally, we need to become more tech savvy - you get political reach these days through Twitter, Facebook and so on.

  3. Liberals like to organise themselves into groups based on ideologies. Conservatives prefer to organise around more organic themes, such as religion or national identity. Since religion and nationalism are out of fashion that makes things difficult but I think we still need to concentrate on concepts such as this that conservatives do feel comfortable with.

    One problem is that many conservatives are frightened to organise along such lines - they are terrified that if they did so effectively they would be labelled as fascists. Rather ironic, given that the actual historical fascists were anything but conservative and tended more towards the Left than the Right. Unfortunately historical facts don't matter to most people.

  4. We have got about 40 Aussies (Dingoes sub-group) on the Right Stuff. We are doing podcasts and have started a website.

    TRS may not be exactly your cup of tea but the more the merrier.

    Get on board.