Thursday 26 May 2016

Family, Why Do Conservatives Believe in Family?

When I was younger I would often hear the phrase "a Motherhood statement" it was normally in regards to politics. Some Politician or another would say something so general that it was hard to disagree, all Mothers are wonderful, we should all be kinder to one another. While such banal comments are still regularly made it has been quite some time since I have heard the phrase "a Motherhood statement".

I guess that's because Motherhood isn't viewed quite the same as it once was, nor Fatherhood for that matter. Now we often hear how Family is fluid, anyone can form a Family, you don't need Mothers and Fathers, "all you need is love". Now right there's a Motherhood statement if ever I heard one.

But Conservatives do not accept this new idea of Family, that it is fluid, that all you need is love. We believe in Tradition and Order, that people are not disposable, that life should have meaning and that Family begins with Marriage.

A Family consists of one Man and one Women, why? Because that is what is required to create human life. The Future, because Family is about creating the future. Conservatives are often criticized for looking to the past but the reason we look to the past is because it worked, the past got us here. Marriage got us here, One Man and his Wife got us here, millions and millions of them got us here. And what worked in the past, will work now and into the future.

That marriage gives benefits to men and to women and that together they pass on those benefits to their children. That is why marriage should only be between one Man and one Women because only they can create the future. Conservatives believe in the natural and the organic, not in the unnatural and the artificial.

I have heard the argument that if that is how Conservatives feel then how can they support adoption? First of all Conservatives have never attacked adoption because we accept that sometimes the practical is more important than the ideal. Secondly we accept something others fail to notice at all. Adoption is not a celebration it is a tragedy. Adoption means that children has been denied their natural parents, whether it is through death, illness, neglect or some other means it is always a tragedy. Adoption shows how cruel life can be, because a children should be with their natural parents in all but the most extreme cases. We accept adoption but always with a heavy heart.

We can all see for ourselves the cost of divorce and the cost of single parenting. Something that was presented to us as a way of solving conflict we now know from bitter experience isn't true. Both divorce and single parenting make life harder, they put pressure on children and on their parents that they should not have. It often denies children the idea that they are safe and that they are valued. Children grow up too often having learnt that they are as disposable as their parents were. Children should not grow up to think that cynicism and bitterness are normal or that relationships or people are disposable. And that is what they are being taught.

Conservatives do not support these things, not because we are mean or cruel but because they do not work. If we are to have a future, then we must create it and look after it, the Family is the best way of doing that just as it always has been.

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  1. It ought to be realized by even the most casual of observers that after many thousands of years of experience the nuclear family is the best way of sustaining your society. A father, mother and offspring. Obvious?