Sunday 31 August 2014

The Paradoxes of Anti-Racism

The Paradoxes of Anti-Racism

Anti-Racism is the idea or belief that racism is wrong and that as all peoples are equal it is redundant for anyone to hold racist views or opinions and furthermore that everyone should be encouraged to think of all people as their equal. At first sight anti-racism can seem reasonable enough, but on closer inspection there are a number of paradoxes that seriously dint the this idea.

There are three main paradoxes within Anti-Racism:
1) Race doesn't exist
2) White people are racist and other people are not racist
3) White privilege and the underlying problem of how did whites get this "privilege"!

Race doesn't exist
You will find this rather bizarre idea is quite widespread. The idea goes like this, because race is so controversial it shouldn't exist and there fore doesn't really exist, it is instead a social construct, something that isn't real but that people for social, political or economic reasons have decided is real. But because it's a social construct, it can be deconstructed. Race can be made to disappear as if it never existed because it doesn't exist, as it's only a social construct. Then we can all just be united as the human race, instead of being divided by people being of different races. Within Universities this idea has taken hold, it might not be universally held in Universities but that is where it's stronghold is. And it has been given strength by the knowledge that the differences between races biologically is so small. Which is true for DNA, you would expect humans to be very much like other humans when it comes to the very building blocks of life. But it's not true once you start looking at other biological sciences, then the differences between races becomes a different picture. But the idea that race doesn't exist means that we must ignore what is right before our eyes and that is that people look different and the differences between races means that very basic items of appear can look different. Skin, eye and hair colour, the size of our bodies, the shape of our nose, how much hair we have on our bodies or face, the shape of our eyes and that is only what we can see. Anti-Racism says that that is because they are the only differences but we know that isn't true. We know that different races can get different diseases, even mental illness can be decided by race. But when you point these things out the Anti-racist says "you can't say that it's racist"! How can something be racist if race doesn't exist? It's nonsense.

White people are racist and other people are not racist
The idea that we are all united is one that many people find comforting, if we are all on the same side then there will be no more racial problems. But that is only an idea and when racial problems, real or manufactured turn up then who's to blame? If it is possible for all people to be the same, equal, then why isn't it happening? Who benefits? Well here things take a half logical turn because in most Western countries the majority of the population is white, so who are the rich, the celebrities, the big business owners, the politicians or the University lecturers? Their nearly all white, so who benefits? It must be those who already have power, they don't want to fix racism because they benefit from it. That actually has some logic behind it, but of course in a majority white country not only will those already mentioned be white, but so will the majority of every class. The majority of the middle class will be white, the majority of the working class will be white, the majority of the very poor will be white, the majority of the homeless, the unemployed, the prison population, the suicides will be white. So when a white person does something racist or is a accused of being racist the idea is formed that they do that from a position of power. So a white homeless person is by this idea more powerful than a rich person of any other race. It's ridiculous but it is what many Anti-Racists believe. That only the powerful can be racist and that as the powerful in white countries are white then all whites are powerful, therefore only whites are racist. But isn't placing all past, current and future blame on one race racist?  Only if your not an Anti-Racist!

This is also know as the Apex theory, whereby someone looks at the apex or top and assumes that is what everything else looks like, for example the apex of a mountain might be covered in snow, so the assumption is that all of the mountain is covered in snow, whether it is or not.

White privilege and the underlying problem of how did whites get this "privilege"!
White power is most often called white privilege, being white has it privileges it seems. That may be so but those privileges did not spring from no where. Here Anti-racists would agree, white privilege is possible in their view because it has come at the expense of other races. Why aren't there more black country singers? Because white privilege stops them. Why aren't there more white hip hop artists? Because they aren't good enough will come back the reply. Ok, maybe their not, but why isn't that a good enough answer for country music? The answer is because of white privilege, it is a simple answer but at least it's consistent. The problem with it is that it implies that whites are superior. How did white's gain their privilege? According to Anti-Racists white's took it from other races, they lied, tricked and forced them to give up their privileges and whites took them. If this is true how did one race gain so much power? Was it Western Civilization, Christianity, Liberalism, technology, disease? But all of these have been rejected in favour of race, it isn't Western Civilization privilege, nor is it Christianity privilege or even Liberal privilege, no it's white privilege. Whites are responsible for this world and no one else, for all it's mistakes and horrors. If that is true then whites are by definition superior to every other race. Anti-Racism is white supremacy!

If that ain't a paradox then I don't know what is.

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