Sunday 3 August 2014

Liberalism, more options less choice

Liberalism, more options less choice

Liberals and those who aren't Liberals but have never heard any other opinion, often talk about how many options we have now. How we can have any job we like and how we are not restricted in who we date. That the world is a smorgasbord of options and you should just live it up and enjoy. Do what you like as long as it doesn't hurt others.

Unfortunately many Liberals also believe that Traditional options do hurt people. That choosing to be too religious hurts those who might not be religious because it judges them. That being a stay at home Mother judges though who choose to work. Those who have no option but to work are included by Liberalism in the chose to work basket.

But this creates a paradox, if some options create conflict, even if only in the Liberal mind, then all options cannot be equally good. Some options should, it seems, not be chosen at all!

So how does Liberalism resolve this conflict? By encouraging some options over others and at times being very blatant about it. Options are provided that crowd out other options. So for example Mothers should be provided with childcare, women should be encouraged to study more and to work fulltime, to be a financially  independent women even when married. At each stage of her life she must be encouraged to pick one option over another option. The correct options, the Liberal option. Of course not every women gets the message or wants to. So another route must be used to encourage the correct option. Housewives are slaves, oppressed by men, second class citizens we are told., Motherhood is rarely attacked nor is marriage, sometimes but mostly not. No instead talk about the exciting strides made by working women, so many firsts, so many options. A slave, oppressed by men or an exciting career, which do you think is the correct Liberal option?

Some options are made more fashionable than others and the old Fabian strategy is at work here. The long slow advance that from time to time allows a massive breakthrough. But each breakthrough narrows options. More options mean narrower choices.

Lets suppose you are a man and you want a stay at home wife and mother, your first task is to find a women who you like, who likes you and who wants the same thing as you do. Once that was the default position, but now it is just one option amongst many. Your task isn't made easier it is made harder. Then you must find or already have a job that allows you enough money and security to marry and raise a family. Of course it won't be easy, it never has been. But now you must also compete with women, married and unmarried who we are told are being discriminated against. But you'll find that the new Liberal order actually discriminates against you and your family.

At each stage of life we are all encouraged to have options, to be as free as a bird, unless we pick the wrong option. Then we find that not all options are equal, in fact some options are strongly preferred over others. And some of those who have picked the wrong option do so because they are Traditional Conservatives. It's nice to have you here.

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