Wednesday 8 May 2013

Homes not Houses

Homes not Houses

I live in a house, it helps keep me warm and keeps the wind, the rain and the sun away from me. It protects my body from the effects of the weather and it protects the things I own as well. It is a marvelous creation, it is not pretty but nor is it ugly, it is my place, my rightful place, it is my home. 

That means to you and everyone else it is just a house like everyone elses but to me it is much more. A home is a house that has a soul, a soul given to it by the people who live there. Not a supernatural soul, it isn’t alive it is a place of warmth and protection, a place of comfort and a shelter. It is a port in a world that seem, at times as if it is all storms. 

A home can be rented, mortgaged or owned out right, it’s financial status isn’t as important as the relationships that exist within. It shocks me how often people treat their home as just a house. A house is just an object, no different to a car or a computer. It can be built, bought, sold, rented and discarded. A house can be a “machine for living”or an investment. What does either have to do with a home! 

I watch the news and see people talking about how good it is that houses cost more, that they will make more money from something that hasn’t changed. Something that they didn’t build nor work on, that their only contact with will be to sell it on. I have a friend who bought a house and a few years later sold it for more money, he said to me “Isn’t it great!”, I replied “no”, he replied “your mad”. A while later he said to me “I cannot believe how expensive houses are!”. 

Yes when your house sells for more it’s not the only house on the market. Nearly all houses go up in price. What are the effects of prices going up? They help two incomes buy houses and discriminate against families with one wage earner. They push women and mothers into paid work. They push the birth rate down as people question whether they can afford a larger family. They help marriage breakdown as financial pressures persist. They help push the banks into big profits. Money spent on houses is money wasted on houses. Money spent on financing houses cannot be used to finance others areas of the economy and unlike other areas of the economy, houses only create inflation not wealth.  

There is a proper market for houses but we do not live in such a market, we live in a market that believes more is better, that debt is good and that houses are just investments. I do not support such an idea, I do not support houses I support homes and the more we can do to protect homes the better off we will all be.

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  1. G'day Mark
    I'm so pleased that you have managed to do what you set out to do, which is put up your own Blog site!
    We have had thousands upon thousands of in-depth conversations over the past 29 years, which I dare say do or will pertain to subjects that you will undoubtedly cover!
    Well what a great and interesting subject title I join your blog on - "Homes not Houses"
    I can defiantly relate to the fundamental differences between a simple and practical house and what constitutes my and my family's home!
    It is ironic that the house we have bought and lived in for the past 10 years has not had the 'homely' feel and appeal to me, as the home we specifically designed and built in the country. Our previous home defiantly complemented and supplemented my life style.
    It was part of my heart and sole, to which I looked forward to coming home to each day.
    The fact that we put our heart and sole (and lots of sweet and tears into it) meant it was a culmination of our dreams. Add to this the unforgettable and irreplaceable fact that, that I can not and will not be able to ever forget the personal experience of bring two of our three children home from hospital for the first time! This made the feel and conception of my home complete! It was one of the hardest and most contentious decisions I had to make to sell this home. Unfortunately the house we've been living in for the past 10 years doesn't not have the same sentimental appeal to me. Mind you there nothing wrong with the house itself. Its a good house! But I and two of my children still long for the want to re-create a home in the country! But the truth and fact of the matter is that this house we now live in is viewed by my youngest son (who was born in this house) as his home. But in reality, I guess this reminds me that this house, because of the significants of my youngest son being brought up in this house, also makes it his and in that case our home! How ignorant of me to over look this thought and reality! Sorry son. And thank you Mark for bring this fact to the forefront of my mind.


  2. Dear M.A.D.Pioneer

    Great to see a post from you, you've been threatening me with a post for some time so it's good to finally see one!

    I'm glad you agree with the thrust of my argument and it's great to have another view of the issue presented. I remember how hard it was for you to move where you are now, but I think it was the correct decision. I also think it's not the house that is the issue it is the space around it, moving to a suburban house when your used to living on the entire block can really cramp your style.

    Yours Sincerely
    Mark Moncrieff