Sunday 19 May 2013

Mass Immigration: The Conclusion

Mass Immigration: The Conclusion

While each country has a different history and policies I believe some common ideas can be brought to light.

We all started with Governments that were loyal to the people of their own country. That a nation existed for the benefit of it’s own people and that if immigration existed it was mainly to benefit the nation as a whole and not just the immigrant. But slowly that policy, whether it was official or unofficial was abandoned. In it’s place was the idea that immigration was both good for the country as well as the immigrant, the nations existing population was already being neglected. Then came the twin idea’s of fairness and wealth redistribution, which became the norm. Along with the idea that immigration would be a great way to both show the world how enlightened the Government was and to help end unfairness in the world. If it wasn’t possible to make poor countries rich, it might be possible to make poor immigrants rich or at least richer.

What is also becoming clear is that when a certain aspect of immigration policy becomes controversial it is only the tip of the people’s anger over all immigration. It is standard for any person who questions immigration to be branded a racist, that you cannot tell the difference between them and Hitler himself, but of course in the vast majority of cases that is nonsense. The person is not racist, in many cases the person is not even against immigrants but simply against a certain Government policy, in this case mass immigration. It is a mistake to attack a particular people or group and say immigration is good except for this lot. It is not a particular people or group who are the problem, the problem is the policy of our Governments. A policy that places immigrants as being of more value than the nations own people.

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