Tuesday 24 January 2023

MGTOW Is The Wrong Path

MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way and it is a reaction to Feminism and the path that society has gone down over recent decades. It basically says women are not worth the hassle and that instead men should build the best version of themselves. That society and women have turned so viciously against men that you are putting yourself in danger, not just emotionally but mentally, financially and legally. To many this strikes them as a very extreme stance to take but you don't have to look far to find extreme cases of men being treated very badly. Men not being allowed to see their children, men paying for children that are not theirs, men losing money and property, men being accused of sex crimes that they didn't commit, the list is long.

Personally I completely understand why a man would support MGTOW, the life that my father had has been denied to me. And I don't see it getting easier for younger men. In one sense I too am MGTOW, in one sense I am an incel. I understand, it is not something foreign to me, I live it, I get it.

Why set yourself up to fail?

Why go out of your way to want something that doesn't want you?

Why set yourself up to go to jail?

Why set yourself up to go broke?

The rewards that romance, marriage and family once brought have vanished. A man can do everything right and he can still pay a price that is outrageous. For some men it has become time to say enough is enough, or to put it another way, the only way to win the game is not to play.

So if those things are true, and they are true, how can MGTOW be the wrong path?

Some people genuinely don't want a relationship or to have children, if you are that person then nothing I write here will make a difference. However for most people that simply isn't true and they are the majority of those who have gone MGTOW.

There are three reasons why you should not go MGTOW or if you have why you should choose another path

1. Being lonely and unloved is not how life is supposed to be, it is unnatural and being forced to live a life that is unnatural should make you angry. You should never embrace their plan for you. They want you to be lonely and unloved and that is why they are evil. Never fall into line with their evil plan for you, or for anybody else. 

2. The old saying is true, misery really does love company. Men should not pass on their anger and bitterness to others. We should not allow ourselves to pass them on like they are a contagious disease. We should never say to another man "I'm miserable, follow me I can help you to be miserable too". This has a feminine energy that men simply shouldn't do.

3. Men should lead, we should provide answers, solutions, that is what we are here to do. Surrendering to 'fate' is not leadership and it is not an answer.  

So do I have any answers, yes I do, I have three, men, women and organisation.

Men needs to develop male friendships, we need to develop male friendship groups and we need to develop male only activities. The internet is great but real change can only take place offline in the real world. Go and join a darts club, help set up tournaments at the gym, form your own games group. It hardly matters what you do or what you become involved in, what matters is forming connections with other men. Don't be alone.

This might be the most controversial thing I write here, but women are not the enemy. Everything unjust thing that has been done to men has been done to women. Loneliness and despair is not confined to only one sex. Always remember that women are lied to everyday, they are told that they are beautiful whether that is true or not. That they are smart, whether that is true or not. That they can have everything, which is never true. So how can women be one of the answers?

Because loneliness is the enemy and women can provide an answer to that. I can hear your complaints, we tried that and we had it thrown back in our face. To which I reply that having connections with women is also part of what keeps us connected to reality. We can't afford to think that it is possible or desirable to live in a world without women in it. Be friendly towards women, even be friend with a women. The friendzone is when you want than friendship from a women and that is all she gives in return. I am not talking about that because your right don't be in the friendzone. Forming friendly connections to women is normal, hating them is not.

One thing that I have never understood is why don't men organise, we form armies, empires, chess clubs. Men organise and yet that is exactly what we have failed to do. For fifty years no fault divorce has been busy destroying our society and what have men done about it?

We don't organise, fund raise, keep lists of good lawyers. Instead every man feels like he is the first one to go through the meatgrinder. The truth is that we have multiple issues that we should be organising around, why don't we?

MGTOW is here to fill the vacuum left behind as our society destroys itself. It is not inexplicable as so many seem to believe, it makes sense. However that doesn't mean that it's good. Wanting to watch the world burn might make sense but it's not good. Men and women need each other and anyone or anything that gets in the way of that is wrong, I would go further, what ever stops that is evil and we should always oppose evil.

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  1. All three of your points are spot on.

  2. Like a fish needs a bicycle

  3. The antidote to MGTOW is possessing a kind warm heart. Ridiculous 'must have wish lists' for your future spouse cannot surpass a kind heart.

  4. Rid the evil and violence that is pornography and you are well on your way to restoring respect between male and female. Look who is behind and profits from this violence and you will understand the plot to destroy traditional family life.

  5. It's too late. The cancer has spread too far, the patient has to accept her mortality.

  6. [1/2] MGTOW/MRA/Red Pill/Incel/etc. covers a broad spectrum, and while its extreme end is but a mirror-image of the feminist extreme (at best ignoring hundreds of thousands of years of biological evolution to chase a utopian unicorn of a historically unprecedented society of absolute equality between the sexes, and at worst desiring the other sex be rendered redundant or extinct—the latter desire frequently and unapologetically expressed by the feminist extreme), much of the rest of the movement could be better described as ‘men on strike’—either from personal experience or observation, they have recognised the game to be so stacked against them, the only way to win is not to play. Restore something resembling the old rules and most will wife up and reconcile themselves to their God/Nature-ordained protector/provider role.

    Certainly, MGTOW is unhealthy for Society/Civilisation, being one more factor contributing to the extinction of the European races and Civilisation. However, unless and until the modern West’s matriarchal bias is addressed, then increasing numbers of men will withdraw from the mating game. Even men who wouldn’t know MGTOW from a MiG or a TOW will instinctively back away for self-preservation: e.g. the male response to the #MeToo bs, causing females to complain of opportunities for career improvement disappearing (https://www.miragenews.com/women-missing-out-on-workplace-mentoring-post-531816/ ). Many of the ‘MGTOW-adjacent’ already know it to be an undesirable path but what other choice is there?

    It is worthwhile reassuring males that majority of females are not poisonous and insane feminists, and that most false rape allegations stem from drunken or too-brief encounters so living morally drastically reduces (but doesn’t eliminate) the risk of one. But it should also be acknowledged that many women are like the ‘Good German’—just as the ‘Good German’ wouldn’t have dreamt of putting a Jew into an oven but still took advantage of the business or property that became suddenly available at a bargain price, so many women reject the label of ‘feminist’ but will gladly accept every privilege that feminists obtain for them. It should be acknowledged that ‘NAWALT—but enough’; and if one woman elects to be ‘like that’, they have the State at their beck and call, and police will conceal exonerating evidence (Robert Adlington) and courts will base their prosecution on effectively witchcraft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaDswx3KRmU&t=2115s).

    wrt organising ‘male friendship groups’ and ‘male only activities’: this was historically the norm. Gentlemen had their clubs and working men had their’s along with men only pubs—and women protested their exclusion and demanded admittance; there were once exclusively, and until now primarily, male preserves such as the police and armed forces—and women protested their exclusion and demanded admittance; recently, men retreated into the world of computer games—and women protested their exclusion and demanded admittance (GamerGate, etc.). If you find anything remotely fun and interesting to do, at some point women will turn up to protest their exclusion and demand admittance (and then ruin it—see the cringing embarrassments they have made of our police and armed forces).

    And men do organise, or try to: MGTOW/MRA/Red Pill/etc.—and are vilified from all quarters, and not just by the feminists but also by other men; not just by the Woke Left but by various ‘Right’-wing factions, from ‘tradcons’ to the 14/88 crowd. In MGTOW and adjacent we have people who recognise that Society has taken a wrong and destructive direction, and that the pursuit of ‘equality’ is resulting in increasing inequality; but instead of seizing that common ground and discussing possible solutions, the ‘Right’—ever eager to ensure their continuing irrelevance by alienating as much potential support as possible—prefers to join the Feminist/Woke pile-on.

    1. [2/2] Some suggested reading/listening/viewing:
      * Karen Straughan (Canadian MRA; esp. her early material)
      Good introductory comment (I frequently excerpt paras. 2–6—my only disagreement is what she believes to be only a better deal for men than current FUBAR, I believe to be a desiradatum): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txztAMFOHx8&lc=UggMprimfmG5X3gCoAEC.7-H0Z7-08DL7-HQTAoFhHo (also look for her other comments in thread).
      Comments on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/girlwriteswhat/ (an oasis of sanity amidst the Woke cesspool that is Reddit)
      Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@girlwriteswhat/videos (start from her earliest vids)

      * ‘Radicalizing the Romanceless’ by Scott Alexander https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/08/31/radicalizing-the-romanceless/ (esp. note his point about the 209 BC Dazexiang rebellion; btw, if you want to know who ‘B’ is, article in original form can be found on the Internet Archive)

      * Janice Fiamengo (another Canadian MRA)
      (See her ‘Fiamengo File’ vids on Studio BrulĂ©:
      2.0 (v. 1 having been ‘disappeared’): https://rumble.com/c/c-1460173
      Archive of some of the ‘disappeared’: https://odysee.com/@StudioBruleArchive:e?view=content )