Tuesday 1 June 2021

Women Are Life

The female body creates life. That is it's purpose, it is why it exists. Women create life, their bodies allow life to grow, their minds, manners and temperament encourage the continuation of life. Quite simply life cannot exist without women. Which is why Liberalism attacks the female body and the female mind. 

At every turn the very nature of women is attacked. Men, the fathers of women, the husbands of women, are a threat, don't trust them. They are violent and dangerous. Women need men just as men need women. But each is encouraged to distrust, even to hate the other. Childbirth is the worst pain a women can endure and life is about avoiding pain. Abortion, the ending of life is better. If a women must have a child, as few as possible. Career and making money, having a good time these are all better things than family. 

Men are also required to create life and over time they have a very important part to play in a child's life. However women are a constant in a child's life, If a child grows up in an all female environment they might not notice that they have missed out. But if a child grows up in an all male environment they will notice that they have missed out. The love, tenderness and care that a women can give is hard for a man to provide. But we have reached a stage whereby we can pretend that these things are unimportant.

Today we hear that women can do anything, some even believe it. That they can do any job, no matter how dangerous or damaging. That those who object hate women, they think that women are inferior.  That a women's worth is really about her abilities and skills, nothing to do with her inborn nature. To imply that womens greatest strength is motherhood and her ability to create and nurture life is to reduce women to a broodmare. 

It is how Liberalism argues, to always twist truth to it's own vision. They reduce women to small, weaker men and declare that to be a triumph. Because it transforms what women are, it transcends what women are, it ignores what women are. Women have a nature, but Liberalism denies that nature, animals have natures, humans should rise above their natures and become fully human. To do that they need to reject their own nature.

This is why they push so hard for women in the military, in police, in combat. These things are the ultimate transformation. They are about leadership, authority and about killing. Women not as lifegivers, but as lifetakers. The most extreme inversion of womanhood. 

We see this pushed in advertising and in movies and tv shows. Women are just as capable of violence as men, in many shows women are even more violent then men. Many people with no experience of violence believe these lies, just like they are supposed to. 

Liberalism doesn't support women, it always supports itself. Women must like men become Autonomous Individuals, self made. To achieve that women and womanhood must no longer be associated with life and lifegiving. They must become like men and be ready to deal out death.

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