Tuesday 20 February 2018

Helping Our Own

When I was growing up I was told that Nepotism was a bad thing. I just looked up the meaning and it says "undue favour shown to relatives, such as by giving them jobs, etc". But what exactly is wrong with giving a relative a job? The most common argument is that jobs should be decided by merit, the best man, or should that be person, for the job. Let me give two examples.

You know the site supervisor at a building site, you introduce your cousin to him to help him get the job, is that wrong?

You know the head of a surgical unit in a major hospital, you introduce your cousin to him to help him get the job, is that wrong?

If your cousin is capable of doing those jobs then I say no it is not wrong. Of course if he is not capable of doing a job, you have not done him a favour, you have instead set him up to fail. Try not to set people up. But if someone is capable, a relative, friend, a neighbour why are we so reluctant to help them out?

Here you can see the work of Liberalism, think of people as individuals, think of people as unattached, atomized, autonomous. Do not think of them as belonging to a group. Do not hire people based on their character, after all you know nothing about their character. Do not hire someone because you have a loyalty to them. Remember that people are disposable. Instead hire them strictly based upon the judgement of someone you don't know. A school or university, a hire company, or an old boss.

Have you ever heard of a Chinese restaurant being taken to court because it had to many Chinese employees? To be honest I think most people would think that is absurd, I tend to agree. But why is it that we hold that view about them but not about our own people?

We need to do a much better job of getting our people jobs. The system is rigged against us and it's not going to officially get any better. So we have to do unofficial things to make it better. I'm not talking about breaking the law. I'm talking about using the law to our advantage. For example many employment laws don't apply to companies or organisations under a certain size, free yourself by finding out what that number is. In many places only advertised jobs need to comply with hiring laws. If thats the case where you live, use your family and other employees to find staff. In fact most jobs are never advertised, use that to your advantage.

If we don't help our own why should anyone else?

Lets start looking after our own.

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