Monday 4 December 2017

November Was a Bad Month

Here I am in early December still trying to make sense of last month, it was really bad. A month that makes you wonder how far we need to fall before things turn. A month in which I wondered what happened to my countrymen. A month in which I have lost a lot of respect.

Homosexual Marriage
I've already written about that in Australia and the end of common sense and in democracy is dying, because to be honest they are both related. I was always against a vote as I simply did not know how it would go, although being a Traditional Conservative I was pessimistic. The only hope we had was for the Parliament to remain distracted and uncertain of how the Australian people really felt. Instead it went to a vote and it was very successful, 79.5% voted, 62% said yes, that means that 48% of all Australian voters voted yes to letting homosexuals marry. It also means that only 30% voted against it. Which confirms what I have thought for a while, that there is a hardcore 20% of the electorate who are what the media call far-right. Conservative, Patriotic, who reject the media and most of the basic tenets of Liberalism.

Last week the Victorian state Government passed by 1 vote a Law that made euthanasia legal. From mid 2019 people who a doctors has said has less than 6 months to live can legally commit suicide with the help of the medical profession. Now most people in Australia support this, I also once did. I might still if I didn't understand the nature of Liberalism. That this is always the first step not the last. All of the so called safeguards can and will be subverted. Death on demand is the goal and if things continue as they have been then they will achieve that. From this point on the people who are most in need of protection will be without it. Who is more vulnerable than someone who is dying? Now they will have to deal with medical personal and family encouraging them to die. Dying is hard, including for those who are not dying. Why suffer they will suggest? Why prolong your (and our) agony? Why do I have to spend money on someone when they are going to die anyway? Why do I have to wait for my inheritance?

Why should someone have to suffer these things in addition to dying?  

Prince Harry's Engagement.
Prince Harry, currently fifth in line to the Throne, with the birth of Prince Williams third child he will become sixth in line. So the chance that he will become King is practically zero, but thats not the point. He is still a British Prince and he wants to marry an actress!!!

An actress!

An actress who is older than him at 36, is divorced and is mixed race. So if they do have children, Prince Harry who is probably the most famous red head in the world, will be unable to have red headed children. Or in fact children who look like him. But as she is 36 that might already be out of the picture. In every sense it sends out a bad message.

This is not a royal wedding, this is a celebrity wedding. And I do not see a happy couple, what I see is a train wreck happening in slow motion right before our eyes. I will not be celebrating or encouraging it, I find it all very sad and disappointing.

So I have lost a lot of respect for my countrymen, for democracy and for Prince Harry.....November was a bad month!

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