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Teaching Teenagers about Traditionalism

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At each stage knowledge must be taught in a logical manner, from small to big, from personal to impersonal, from simple to complex. Now that they are a teenager they will be able to deal with much more complex topics than before. For Preschoolers living a Traditional life is the best teacher. For children you can start to ask questions about how the world works and about how it should work. For teenagers you can start to get very specific.

Teenagers are infamous for being rebellious and unruly, but in many ways nothing has changed, they are learning and they are testing their limits. The biggest mistake of modern parenting is not to set limits, but to let the teenager find them out themselves. Do both yourself and your teenager a favour, set limits and expect them to be meet. And as they get older adjust them. But do not try to set rules for a 16 year old, that horse has bolted, set limits when they are young. I have sadly seen this mistake made more than once and it never works. Set limits early and they can be adjusted but they can never be set after the event.

Instead of covering the three principles of Traditional Conservatism, I will look at how to cover some controversial topics with your teenager.

Race and sex are real so we should treat them that way. In short people are different and if something is different it cannot also be the same. Equality says exactly that. But that defies common sense, let your teenager know that. And let them know that people are important because they exist not because they are all equally good at something. That if equality was real then everyone who was in the Olympics would get a gold medal. If everyone was equal then sport would be very boring, so would music and in fact every other human endeavour.

Purity Versus Corruption
Modern society is constantly trying to corrupt us and it does, but to corrupt us it needs for us to be  corruptible. We start off pure and it goes about corrupting us. It seeks to turn us against our Traditions, to pretend that there is no such thing as Order and to destroy our Families. It encourages us to do without thinking. One aspect that is being pushed to corrupt us is interracial relationships. It is amazing how many advertisements on TV show an interracial couple. But how many people want to raise children that do not look like them? I know someone who has one English parent and the other Sri Lankan, they look Greek, which of course they are not.

Tattoos, piercings, promiscuity, all of these are about corruption, about destroying our purity. About damaging who we really are and creating artificial people instead of our authentic self.

The most important thing to understand about loyalty is that it is mutual. If someone is not loyal to you then you should not be loyal to them. Be loyal to your teenager, but let them know that that is a two way street. Let them know that friends who are not loyal are not friends. A boyfriend or girlfriend who is not loyal is also not a friend. That includes schools and places of work, not getting your own way is not about loyalty and sometimes you have to put up with stuff, but do not be loyal when you are not being treated loyally.

Hopefully this will provide some ideas for you to go on with and help keep Traditionalism going.

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