Thursday, 16 November 2017

Australia and the End of Common Sense

Yesterday the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 79.5% of eligible Australian voters had voted on the question of whether they supported same sex marriage in Australia. Of that total 61.6% voted in favour and 38.4% against. Yet another defeat for common sense, yet another victory for stupidity and insanity.

Something that 30 years ago people laughed at, 40 years ago when people said that legalizing homosexuality would lead to this they were ridiculed and yet here we are. We have abandoned common sense for emotionalism, we have abandoned family for anything goes. Two people of the same sex cannot make a baby but thats forward looking and we have abandoned that as well. How much thought has been given to the future?

This is one more nail in the coffin of the family and in marriage. From this point on the pressure for more social experimentation increases. More teaching children about sex and homosexuality. More pressure to embrace the unacceptable. More pressure to redefine marriage further. More stupidity and insanity. And now all presented as the peoples will.

Everyone who voted yes has given us a giant shit sandwich!

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  1. When I moved to Tasmania homosexuality was still illegal (Early 90s), now days, not even Braddon (Conservative North West farmers) can gather up a majority to object.