Sunday, 8 October 2017

What We Are Up Against

Currently in Australia there is a postal vote to gage the electorate's opinion on homosexual marriage. What is bizarre about this, I mean apart from the entire idea of homosexual marriage, is that local and state governments have stated their support for homosexual marriage. And so far 660 Australian companies and 1,715 organisations have also come out in support as of the 18th September. I encourage you to look at this link showing the logo's of these companies.

But I will remind people that in Republican Referendum to decide if Australian would become a Republic in 1999. Every TV station, newspaper and all but a hand full of radio stations supported Australia becoming a Republic, as did the majority of politicians, it failed.

More recently we have Brexit and the election of President Trump. How I remember watching the TV stations all saying that Hillary Clinton had a 98.5% of victory....thank God for that 1.5%!

To be honest I don't know which side will get the most votes, but it is becoming clear that many people are starting to question the idea's being put before them. Even with all of that opposition there is still hope.

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