Friday 20 October 2017

Melbourne Traditionalist Conference 2018

I am please to announce that in a years time, to the day, we will be hosting the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference. I have already secured a venue and have begun the planning for the conference.

Dates: 19 October 2018, Friday 7pm Meet and Greet
            20 October 2018, Saturday 10am - 5pm Conference
            7pm Banquet

Venue: The venue is very nice, old and beautiful in Melbourne Australia

Cost: $75 - $100 (Australian dollars)

What do you get for your money: 5 lectures, lunch and banquet, all non-alcoholic drinks. The cost will be inclusive of all of this.

There is still a lot of work to be done to turn it into a reality, but the first steps have been taken. For those who live in or near Melbourne there isn't much of an excuse not to come. For those further afield, hopefully a years notice is enough!

For those seeking further information please send me an email:   uponhopeblog(AT) 

Mark Moncrieff

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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