Saturday, 19 August 2017

Support Richard Spencer and Yourself!

Not just Richard Spencer but all of those who are prepared to go out there and support what we believe. This past week the Left and the tech corporations, yes your right they are the same thing, have started taking down sites that challenge them. Actually it just increased this week, this has been going on for years.

People once thought that the internet was a free for all, you could say and support whatever you liked without consequences. But those days are rapidly closing with the big tech companies being near monopolies. And they are using the power that comes with that to close down those they don't approve of. Hate speech is not free speech they say, but that has always only worked one way. One day they will close down this site, but probably only once I get popular. Although if they keep controlling things then why should they pretend to tolerate me.....or you?

We all need to be moving off of the internet and into real life, meeting people and supporting each other offline. Because all of this can vanish, without trace. This week The Daily Stormer was taken offline, but I assume that it was no more offensive this week than in any week past, but now it's gone. Nearly every website that Richard Spencer is associated with has also been taken offline this week.

The internet was created by the United States Government and was therefore required to follow the same rules as the US Government had to, including the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Since the 1st October 2016, the US Government now has no official oversight over the internet. That means important functions of the internet are now controlled by companies with near monopoly power and they are using that control. In the early days of the internet there was a joke, on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, now they do.

That means they get to decide who gets to talk and what your allowed to say. Some people think that means stop not stop talking!

The sides are forming up and you must submit or you must prepare for things to getting rougher. Exactly how rough no one can say, but they have power and they intend to use it.

As for Richard Spencer he said he would hold a rally and he has, he is not just a talker or a keyboard warrior. They are trying to silence him and we need to stop that from happening. This is what they would do before the internet, not allow people to speak and always and I mean always claim that they were Nazi's.....nothing has changed!

He and the National Policy Institute  need your support, every bit helps, all of their ability to raise money online have been closed down. Here is what Mr. Spencer has to say on this:

I have been overwhelmed with calls, texts, and emails about the best ways to support The National Policy Institute in the fight that is now only beginning. While most of our online fundraising tools have been shut down or locked permanently, there is still the old-fashioned way—mail.
To support The National Policy Institute, send funds directly to our address:
The National Policy Institute
PO Box 320482
Alexandria, VA 22320
We are grateful for any help you can give. Your support has never been more appreciated.
The crisis we have long predicted and about which we have only theorized is now beginning. We are ready. Are you?
Richard B. Spencer
PresidentThe National Policy Institute
Three things to do

1) Start forming groups offline

2) Support those who are on our side, politically, financially and personally

3) Prepare for things to get much rougher online and offline

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