Wednesday, 23 August 2017

One Rule For Them and Another Rule for Us

Since Charlottesville the Left has decided that it doesn't need to pretend to be evenhanded. In the past it tried to pretend that it was, that Liberalism and Leftism in general was all about fairness. But now the mask has gone. As we have been saying for awhile, Right-Liberalism, support the social policies of the Left-Liberals. Capitalism supports Cultural Marxism.

Does anyone remember lesbian wedding cakes? How small bakeries became world famous for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding, then it was florists and even a pizza shop!

And how the full force of the law was used to force these people to comply. No one had the right to a conscience, no one had a right to their own opinion, all must bow down before equality, everyone is equal and you have no right to deny anyone that equality.

However now Internet companies have once again decided that the law doesn't apply to them, that they can deny people service simply because they don't like someones opinion. BnB decided that it could discriminate against people simply for attending a rally they did not approve of. Google and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have both denied The Daily Stormer any access to the Internet, thats right they have been banned from the Internet. Child pornography hasn't been banned, drug smuggling hasn't been banned, terrorist groups have not been banned.....because they didn't break the most important rule, don't be on the Right.

Vdare, a US site that seeks to limit immigration into the United States and elsewhere has been taken off of Paypal. Vdare opposes the endless invasion of America and Paypal doesn't so it makes sense, of course the fact that it is illegal doesn't seem to bother too many people. They trust that they have the money, the power and the powerful friends to keep anything bad away from them. I wonder if that is true.

You will have noticed that the media has stopped using the term Alt-Right and is back to their old favourites of White supremacy and Nazi's. Get used to it because it has worked in the past and they believe it will work in the future, it always works on the cucks. Don't give up on your Nation and your Civilization, your past and your future simply because you don't want to be called a nasty name. Remember that our enemies are Traitors, never forget that and never let them forget it either!

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