Tuesday 7 June 2016

Destroying the future

I have been thinking for some time now that of all of the Political Philosophies only one actually cares about the future. I know it sounds strange to see such a thing written but the more I think about it the more certain I am that that is in fact the case. When you look at the list of Political Philosophies, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism, Anarchism, Libertarianism non of them believe in the future because they all believe in the perfectibility of man, that man is God.

When you think like that then what does the future mean?

It means that the future has an end date.

What a bizarre idea, that one day the future will end, alright everything ends, one day the Human race will end but we are talking about an amazing amount of time between now and then. But the End of History is something that could break out at any time according to these Philosophies. That one day man will just be perfect, that one day Utopia will arrive and man will finally be God.

Now you may think I'm being unfair, that I am attributing things that these Political Philosophies don't believe. Sadly thats not true, they all believe in the perfectibility of man and when that occurs, in the End of History. As the future has an end date, it doesn't make sense to preserve things, it doesn't make sense to hold back or show prudence. The future isn't the love of a lifetime, it's just a one night stand. Have fun while you can because the End of History might be here before you know it.

As Liberalism is the Philosophy that is today in the lead, let us look at how Liberalism treats the future.

Liberalism encourages having a good time over preparing for the future. It encourages people to always do tomorrow what should be done today. Marriage is something for tomorrow, not now, as are children. Sadly many people find out that "not now" can really mean not ever. Education has been dragged out, which means the ability to be financially responsible is dragged out as well. This extended period of education means more debt and more delay in the ability to finance your own life. More delay in becoming an adult.

Just as Liberalism encourages delaying Family, it also encourages debt. Not just in education, but in all areas of life. Credit cards and easy credit, why should you miss out on the finer things in life just because you don't have the money to pay for it? No need to worry you can buy now and pay later. Enjoy yourself, don't think seriously about your life or your future, everything will work out. Until it doesn't.

But of course debt isn't confined to the Individual, Liberalism believes very much in big Government, in Government being able to do everything that the Individual cannot. That all requires a lot of money and debt is a great way of financing it. Because there is the idea that the debt will never have to be paid back. The debt just keeps growing with no end in sight, why would it end when it is unlimited or it may as well be. They truly believe that debt is not really a problem.

All of this means that if allowed to continue the future will not be as happy as the past. What happens when our population collapses and we cannot pay off our debts? Do you think the rest of the world will simply say okay no problems we'll help you get back on your feet? No that is not what will happen. The future that should be ours is being destroyed by Liberalism.

A future in which we live in a country that is populated by our own countrymen instead of with random strangers. A future in which we have stable Families and marriages, in which people are not disposable. A future in which we can control our own economic future, instead of having to sell off everything to pay our debts.

Only Conservatism believes in the future because only we believe that man is not perfectible, that man is not God. Only Conservatism believes that the future is for us Humans eternity, that the End of History will never arrive and that we must prepare to look after the future. Because only Conservatives believe that the past, the present and the future are inseparable and that once you break that link then you are destroying the future.

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  1. "Liberalism encourages having a good time over preparing for the future . . . Marriage is something for tomorrow, not now, as are children."

    Actually NO marriage and NO children.