Friday 21 August 2015

Would You Have Voted for this Society?

As I wander through life I wonder how we got to where we are and how do we fix things? I often ask the question "Would you have voted for this Society?" Because the truth is that we never did vote for this Society, Those who are supposed to represent us have instead given us their vision, not ours.

When did we insist on ending Capital Punishment?

We were told that instead of death, Murderers would receive Life, imprisonment that is. Instead the average sentence for murder is 16 years in Victoria, where I live.

 When did we insist on Abortion on demand?

Certainly there were people who did insist, but we were never given a say in such a profound issue. An issue of life and death, a moral issue and an issue concerning the future population of the Nation.

When did we insist that marriage for life should end?

We never held demonstrations, or rioted to have divorce in our lives. We never wanted no fault divorce. But we all got to pay for it.

When did we vote for Feminism to be official Government policy?

But it is and it has been for four decades, something we never asked for or wanted was given to us anyway by those who think they are our betters.

When did we get to vote on Immigration?

Immigration has always been a controversial issue and so it remains. Immigration is the transformation of the Nation, the changing of the populations composition. How could it be anything but controversial, but nowhere have we been allowed to vote on this historic decision.

When did we decide to be a Country of multiple cultures?

We never decided, that was decided for us, by those who think they are our betters.

Maybe we would have voted for these things, but we never got that option did we?

Changing our Society, our Country and our Nation is not our decision to made it seems. We live in a Representative Democracy that isn't very representative all. It appears that our job is simply to pay our taxes and be loyal to those who show us no loyalty in return.

How long can Democracy survive when it is a farce?

Would I have voted for this society....NO!!!!

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  1. I agree that in no western country did the people actually vote for the kinds of social changes we've seen in the past half century. And to a large extent these changes were implemented by stealth or in a dishonest and deceptive manner.

    On the other hand voters could have taken a stand against such disastrous changes. There have always been alternatives to the major political parties. OK, not always great alternatives, but voters have always had the option of registering a protest by abandoning their traditional allegiances to the parties that have betrayed them. And the voters have steadfastly refused to do so. They have maintained their sheep-like devotion to the major political parties. Even when an alternative was on offer (as was the case with UKIP in the recent British election),

    Many people have been excited by the level of support that nationalist parties have attracted in Europe in recent years but what is really surprising to me is just how few people actually vote for these alternatives. In not a single country has such a party even come close to gaining real power.

    This suggests either an extraordinary degree of voter apathy, or perhaps outright defeatism. Or even just a total lack of awareness of what is happening.