Thursday 6 August 2015

What Do Liberals Want?

At the most recent Melbourne Traditionalists meeting, there was a general discussion about what do Liberals, or the Left in general want? Why is it so hard to argue with them and why when presented with facts are they so ready to ignore them? This is my version of the discussion at that meeting, with particular thanks to Jason and Mark Richardson, but including all those there as it was quite a free wheeling discussion.

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The discussion began with how hard it is to convince any on the Left to see reason, or even to see a fact. How resistant they are to any change in thought and how while they think of themselves as free spirited, they are so alike in thought. So alike it can be terrifying to see and experience and we do experience it. But why are they so resistant? Is it because our arguments aren't good enough, that may be the case, but it would be something someone would get better at if that were true. But experience often leads to despair, not to more "conversions", for want of a better word. There is something else at play, something deeper. To reject any part of Liberalism would lead to a world of confusion and uncertainty. So to avoid that no part that has been picked up can be rejected.

We know this is true from those who have left, they report finding one thing out of place, one thing that didn't make sense and over time coming to reject it entirely. The good Liberal doesn't allow that doubt to remain, they reject it, ignore it and denounce it.

But why? What possible benefit could they received from doing this?

Liberalism and in fact all political philosophies, apart from Conservatism, believe in Utopia, in perfect people living in a perfect world. No war, or anger, no hatred or despair, no hunger or want. A perfect people living in a perfect world. So when you point out a flaw in their plan, a flaw in their vision, they resent it. How dare you try to stop a perfect world from coming into being, how bad and evil does someone have to be to try and deny such a world? Here is not only why they reject facts, but also why they are never fair to Conservatives or Conservatism. They do not see us as people having a different opinion, they see us as evil, because only evil people supporting an evil philosophy would try to stop the making of a perfect world.

They even have a vision of how this perfect world will come about. People need to be united, but are instead divided, by their sex, their age, their ethnicity, their nationality, their race, their religion, their beliefs, there are so many things driving people apart, if only those difference's could be destroyed, done away with. If that could happen, then people wouldn't be divided, then they would be united. So the things that divide people must be done away with and instead people must be made the same, equal, even if they don't want, particularly if they don't want it. Nothing is more important than perfect people living in a perfect world.

People must be made equal, Equality is what will make perfect people. Because unity is perfection, one Human Race without division. A world of equality, in which there is no division is a Level one, where no one is below or above anyone else. So those who are below the line, need assistance, they need to be given preference in jobs and financial support, they need their mistakes to be ignored, they need to be told how wonderful they are simply for existing.  If this destroys their families, their communities, if this destroys their well being and their identify, thats a price that Liberals are prepared for other people to pay. Nothing can get in the way of perfect people living in a perfect world, nothing.

For those above the line, they must be leveled as well. This is not about everyone enjoying the good life, thats just a story they tell. What they really want is no rich, no poor, no smart, no dumb, no over achievers and no under achievers. What they want is equality and to achieve that everyone must be Leveled. Those who have done well in life must be brought down, they cannot be allowed to remain unequal.

What do Liberals and in fact all Leftists want? They want perfect people living in a perfect world and they use the ideology of Equality to achieve it.  

The truth is that Equality isn't real, it is not possible, nor is it desirable. So that means that perfect people living in a perfect world is also not possible. Every sensible person already knows this. But it is a believe that has captured the hearts and imaginations of far too many people, from the top of society down. It influences every level of Government and society. It is everywhere, this mad idea that we are perfectible, but that does not make it real. We need to fight this madness, because that is what it is.

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  1. They want perfect people living in a perfect world and they use the ideology of Equality to achieve it.

    That's what the liberal foot soldiers believe. It's not what those behind the scenes want. Do you think that people like Mark Zuckerberg or Apple CEO Tim Cook or the people who run Google want equality? They want their power and wealth to be protected. Not just protected, but increased. They want more inequality but they don't want ordinary people to know that.

    It's like Animal Farm. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. In fact some animals are much more equal than others. But it is essential that ordinary people should believe that everyone is equal. It's equality, but not for billionaires.

    They want socialism but they want a special sort of socialism - the sort of socialism that will make the world safe for the super-rich.

    In fact it is essential for those behind the scenes that equality should never be achieved. The war for equality must go on forever. Social justice must never be achieved so that the war for social justice can go on forever.

    1. Mr. Doom

      A wise man once wrote "Every society is ruled by an elite of some kind.". That will be just as true here. But do Liberals understand that?

      I'm not so sure they do.

      You have however pointed out a contradiction in their thinking, they both believe in Utopia and in perpetual revolution. Which is of course mutually exclusive.

      Mark Moncrieff

  2. Hi Mark,

    I thought it time to thank you for the influence your letter drop has had on me and my family. About a year ago, I came across an A4 page in my letter box. It was from you, and I read it, and it prompted me to visit your blog. This led to Sanne's inspirational blog, and then a couple of other women's blogs linked to Sanne's. And so my life trajectory has been changed for good.

    I am forever grateful for your efforts in reaching out. I am a wife and mother, and I was at the mercy of feminist rhetoric. This is no more. I am relishing in my role as a wife and mother, and your letter was the catalyst for it all. So I just wanted to say a big thank you, and to let you know that your one page letter has ultimately had a huge impact on me and my family.

    Sincerely, Mara.

  3. Dear Mara

    Thank you very much for your kind words, your comment has really put a smile on my face!

    It has also put to rest a doubt I have had. I have spent a good deal of time and effort doing the letter drops and was wondering if it had any effect. But obviously it has and that's fantastic. I haven't letter dropped in about six months, but I think that is going to change.

    I'm also happy to see you write "I was at the mercy of feminist rhetoric. This is no more." that is great. Then to see this " I am relishing in my role as a wife and mother, and your letter was the catalyst for it all." is just wonderful!

    I'm so happy that I could be of service.

    Yours Sincerely
    Mark Moncrieff