Sunday 26 July 2015

Immigration and Forced Consent

"We are a nation of immigrants", have you ever heard this argument? Of course you have, but it is a pro-rape argument. Let me explain. By this argument once you have had sex you can never stop having sex, even if you object. Once a nation has accepted an immigrant, it must do so forever, whether the native born consent or not. What's it called when your forced to have sex against your will? Rape. What's it called when your forced to accept immigration against your will? The Governments immigration policy.

The question of consent is only important when the the immigrant is involved. The immigrant choose to come here, so that gives them to Liberals, of both the Left and the Right a special status that the native born doesn't have. But let me turn immigration policy on it's head, let us say that no one wants to come here, so the only way we can get immigrants is to steal them, to launch military style raids upon other countries to kidnap their people. Once here they are free to go about their lives, but of course after going to all that trouble to get them here we aren't going to let them leave are we? Of course not!

In this situation everyone can see that immigration is forced, there is no consent. Of course it is possible that some will come to see it as a good thing that they could start a new life in a new land, even if they were forced. But that wouldn't change the fact that they were forced.

The native born, however have not consented to immigration, no where has an election, referendum or plebiscite concerning immigration been held. N,o it has not been the people who have consented because, their consent has never been sort or asked for. It is the Parliaments, the activists and the Bureaucracy that make the decisions and the rest of us who are left to sort it out. Without our consent.

The transformation of our societies, the idea that any random person is just as good as the native born is not equality, it is blatant discrimination against the native born. Never asked, never consulted, called Nazi, Fascist or Racist when we dare to complain, that is when we aren't ignored. And the whole time we are told how great and important our Democracy is. How can ignoring the people be Democratic? How can replacing the people be Democratic? How can importing new voters be Democratic?

They are all a mockery of Democracy!

Today, no one is a greater enemy of our freedoms and of Democracy than our own Parliaments.

That is to say nothing of how it attackers workers, of how it makes jobs hard to obtain and keep. My nephew was denied a job because he couldn't speak Mandarin, in Australia. But that's legal, we wouldn't want to discriminate against the immigrant, so instead our Governments discriminate against the native born. Whenever a dispute arises between immigrants and the native born we all know who is supposed to give up their way. And it ain't the immigrant.

Here we get the Liberal ideal, the artificial community, where by any person can come or go as they please. But of course like so much that Liberalism supports it is a mockery of what a real community is. A real community is organic, arising from generations of shared experiences. A community does not consist of fair weather friends who can leave at any moment. But Liberalism always supports the artificial over the organic, the natural.

I have never consented to mass immigration, nor did my Parents or my Grandparents, neither did yours. This is all taking place against our will, without our consent. Even those who approve of what is going on have never consented, for them it is simply a happy happenstance. For the rest of us, we are living a nightmare where by our own Government and it's institutions replace us. I do not consent and I never will!

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  1. Today, no one is a greater enemy of our freedoms and of Democracy than our own Parliaments.

    Representative democracy has never really worked. It's a substitute for genuine democracy. Once elected our representatives believe they can do whatever they want. Even if it's the opposite of what they said they'd do when we elected them. They know what's good for us. We can't possibly know what's good for us.

    In a true democracy all major changes would be decided by referendum. And mass immigration certainly qualifies vas a major change.

    It's not just that our elected politicians ignore our wishes. They deliberately pursue policies that they know are contrary to the will of the people. They are not on our side.

    Freedom and democracy are actually opposing concepts. The freedom we used to have was based on the common law, Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights. Those freedoms have been undermined as a direct result of democracy. There's a reason democracy has been described as two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.

    1. Mr. Doom

      I look forward to seeing your reply to my "Problems with Democracy" article.

      Mark Moncrieff

  2. 'Nation of immigrants' is a leftist frame that we should never buy into. We were a nation of British immigrants only until very late in our history. I'm OK with going back to that concept of 'Nation of immigrants', but of course that is not what they mean.

    "My nephew was denied a job because he couldn't speak Mandarin, in Australia."

    How do you legally discriminate in Employment or Share Accom ads ? "Mandarin speaker wanted".

    I wonder how you would go advertising for "Native English speaker wanted" ?

    1. Mr Stamp

      Your absolutely correct.

      Mark Moncrieff