Thursday, 16 April 2015


Now there's a word you don't hear very often these days. Its an old fashioned word, with an old fashioned meaning. To be loyal you must have commitment, you must be dedicated, you must be able to say no to fashion, not to clothes and shoes, but to political and social fashions. To be loyal is to risk being unfashionable.

We see this aversion to being unfashionable all around us, Politicians who are wind vanes, turning in the breeze. Commentators who voice unfashionable opinions, who the next week tell us the opposite to fit in. We see it in our personal life, if your Mother was filmed calling someone a racist name, who's side would you be on? If your brother hit his wife, would you be on his side? Would you be loyal? Or would you be fashionable?

We are constantly told that we should be disloyal, that we have a greater loyalty. That its alright to betray those close to us. Of course loyalty also means being loyal to yourself. Its not disloyal to protect yourself or to protect those close to you, but it is disloyal to put fashion first. To worry about what others think when being loyal is what is required.

We see this lack of loyalty in public policy. Multiculturalism is a massive betrayal, our own Government has said to us your just like everyone else, the only problem with that is thats not their job to remind us of how ordinary we are. The Governments job, all Governments, is to talk us up, to say to the rest of the world we are the envy of the world. The Governments job is to protect us, to support us, to look out for our interests, even if that is at someone else's expense. Its job is to be loyal to us and to no one else. To no one else!

How well do you think your Government does its job? Do you feel like your the envy of the world? Do you feel safe? Do you feel as if your Government supports you, even at the expense of others?

I know how I feel and my answer is no to all of these. My Government has sold me out, it cannot be loyal to every person on Earth and still remain loyal to me. We all know that a man who claims to love all women is loyal to non. Its simply not good enough.

Mass Immigration, diversity, how disloyal can they get? They have been at it a long time and they will just keep on going, as they have forgotten that it is their job to be loyal to us, not to anyone else. It is our job, to remind them, to tell them to be loyal to us and to be loyal to no one else. I have told Multiculturalists this and they are shocked, as if the thought had never occurred to them. Actually I think thats true, I honestly think they have never thought of loyalty, lets face it loyalty isn't very fashionable is it?

But let me end by being very blunt, loyalty is reciprocal,if your not loyal to me then you shouldn't expect me to be loyal to you, because I'm not!

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  1. Nicholas Edwards16 April 2015 at 20:30

    Bravo, well said!

    I think you sum up the cultural-Marxist system well and also express the feelings of a great number of your fellow disenfranchised Australians.

  2. ...or Americans, or Europeans...

    On a more personal level, when you see a stubborn person you can be sure there's a very loyal person hiding under that stubborness. They are just the two sides of one coin, so to speak.

  3. Mr. Edwards, thank you!

    Miriam, I hadn't thought of it that way but I think you might be right.

    Mark Moncrieff

    1. Nicholas Edwards22 April 2015 at 20:09

      Mr Moncrieff,

      Are there any individual politicians in Australia today who you view as loyal, and thus deserve our reciprocity?

      Cory Bernardi comes to mind. I asked the same question of a friend and he suggested Scott Morrison.

    2. Mr. Edwards

      I do not presume to know the record or heart of every Politician in Australia. But those we see or hear from regularly are all Liberals, Right, Left and Feminist.

      Senator Cory Bernadi, a Liberal Party member is quite Conservative on most issues.

      Kelvin Thompson MP is a Federal Labor Party member who is very good on Immigration, this link is to a post on his blog:

      Mr Morrison was very good at stopping the illegal boats, but I have not heard even a whisper that he is in favour of limiting Immigration. As he is currently Immigration Minister I would have thought we might hear a whisper, but no. He is also a Republican, so sadly I'm not as big a fan as I would like to be.

      Mark Moncrieff