Wednesday 19 February 2014

Multiculturalism is Racist

Multiculturalism is Racist

Opposition to Multiculturalism is often called racist, it is alleged that to deny entry into a country based on race, culture, ethnicity or religion is racist. That only open borders or at least a policy of immigration based on ignoring the immigrants race, culture, ethnicity and religion is acceptable. That once an immigrant is in the country then they should be respected simply by virtue of their origin, simply because they are not a local. In fact the host culture must change to accommodate the immigrant. Modes of speaking, customs, activities and even foods are expected to change.

Multiculturalism is a Government policy, nothing more. Just as opposing a tax policy doesn't automatically mean you oppose all taxation, you might but you might not, it is not automatic. The same applies to every Government policy including Multiculturalism.

There are a host of assumptions that are ignored by those who push Multiculturalism.

A distinct people or no distinct people

The idea that each nation in the world consists of a distinct people is ignored or denied. That there is no distinct American people, no distinct Australian people, no distinct Iraqi people, but of course anyone who has met one of these people knows they are distinct. Of course there are similarities but there are also differences and it is our differences that define us not our similarities. These peoples and every other peoples have a shared culture, a shared history and heritage, unique to them. But multiculturalism says that there are no distinct people, everyone is the same and interchangeable.

No culture

Not only are people interchangeable but they have no culture or maybe I should say it's only skin deep. Moving from one culture to another is just like changing your shirt, it's not harmful and it has little to no practical effect upon you. But in reality each of us grows up within a culture and it helps to define how we relate to the world and how we relate to other people. What food we eat, even how we wash and clean ourselves. As strange as it seems different peoples in different parts of the world have different ideas about such things, you might even say distinct things that define them. And every people have their own culture, there is no such thing as a people with no culture. If going to the opera every week is something your people do, that is part of your culture. If burning down opera houses is something your people do, then that is part of your culture.

Compatibility and social cohesion

As nations and peoples have unique and distinct experiences and cultures that means that these different people will see life differently. Sometimes that only means a different perspective but other times it means that the differences are very strong, even violent. When a native born person commits a crime against you the Government probably had little ability to stop it, but when an immigrant commits a crime against you the only reason they are able is because the Government made it possible. In other words a native born criminal is sadly your problem but the immigrant criminal is a problem you shouldn't have to deal with, you should be free from his privations as he shouldn't have assess to you. Thanks to Multiculturalism he now does.

Some cultures are very similar, not the same but similar, but others are very different. Multiculturalism makes no distinction between these differences. In fact it denies that they really exist, people of different races, cultures, ethnicity and religion are only different because they do not have experience with each other, once they do they will be fine. Of course the friction and disruption that must occur for that to happen is also ignored, it's inconvenient. These things are denied and when acknowledged is blamed on the host culture, the host must change.

Hatred of the majority

At the heart of Multiculturalism is the hatred of the host people, who are the majority when Multiculturalism starts. It is the destruction of the host people that it seeks but at all times it denies that reality, instead it insists it just wants a fairer world, a world without racism or discrimination, maybe a world without borders. But is making the host people a minority in their own land fair? Is discriminating against the host people in favour of immigrants really eliminating racism or ending discrimination? The answer to both is no, it's an absurd argument which is why mass immigration has never been put to the vote of the people anywhere in the world. It is why the policy of Multiculturalism has never been put to the vote of the people anywhere in the world. Because they know we, the people would reject this policy of hatred directed at us. It is not the immigrants who hate us, some do some don't, but thats not true of those who support Multiculturalism. They hate us, they hate their own people, they wish for our destruction and they are currently winning, we are being destroyed. Multiculturalism is both treasonous and racist.

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