Thursday 13 February 2014

Free-Love and Traditional Conservatism

Free-Love and Traditional Conservatism

Free-Love is the idea that you should be free to love anyone you want, not just one person but any number, as many as you like. And by love they of course mean lust, for you never need love any of them. It is about pleasure and vitality, about being attractive and getting the most from life, about not being boring but about being sensual. Here is a philosophy of the physical with no regard for anything beyond.  

The idea that ideas have consequences is completely absent, you have no soul, no emotions you are just a physical object disconnected from anything but pleasure.

I must point out the difference between promiscuity and Free-Love, someone who is promiscuous is engaging in an activity, someone who engages in Free-Love is engaging in a philosophy. Whatever your thoughts about promiscuity it will never go away as long as Humans exist. The extremes of Human existence naturally included the promiscuous. So how is Free-Love different?

Free-Love hates the idea of attachments, it isn't interested in marriage or even in long term relationships. What Free-Love desires is a world in which the casual is the norm, there is no room for deep thinkers or for deep feelings. Everything is temporary for if any permanence is around it sits in judgement of Free-Love, simply by existing. It suggests there are other ways of doing things, ways that may even be better and that cannot stand. Free-Love is ironically, a jealous philosophy.  

At the heart of Free-Loves attraction is the idea that life should not be hard and that this life is the only chance anyone has to enjoy pleasure. So grab it before it's gone. But to have an easy life you must actively avoid the strenuous things in life. Life must be shallow and superficial because it is here were the fun things in life exist. Of course it's hard to imagine how food gets grown, or clothes made or houses built if we are all living the easy life. The truth is that Free-Love is a user, living easy off of other peoples efforts. One day machines will do all the work and everyone can live easy they say, if that becomes true the one thing you can be certain of is that Free-Love didn't build it and nor will it be able to maintain it.

A Traditional Conservative may be celibate or a swinger but he cannot support Free-Love. It is a philosophy that stands in stark contrast to any notion of Traditionalism. It does not leave any room for the deeper aspects of life, no God, no commitment, nothing to hold onto but lust. Lust to be sure has it's attractions but as we all come to know we are either it's master or we are it's slave.

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