Monday 19 August 2013

Why does Liberalism hate the Family?

Why does Liberalism hate the Family?

When you look at society and compare it to 50 years ago you notice that the family is both weaker and that it has been redefined. But why? Why should the family be either weaker or redefined? The two are connected and something I've written about before in various posts, but here I want to find the answer to why Liberalism hates the family. 

Liberalism believes that the individual is supreme, that the individual is the natural state of man and that society is made up of these individual's. But everywhere Liberals look they are mocked by the family. Individuals are not born alone but they come from the union of a man and a women, their Mother and Father, and while they can be abandoned or suffer some other tragedy and be alone, that is rare. Much more common is for Mothers and Fathers to cherish their children, for them to form a family.  That the family then nurtures, protects and provides for each member to the exclusion of others. That is not absolute as many families also nurture, protect and provide for people who are not members of their family. Just to rub salt into the Liberals wounds nearly every family is attached to other families. It seems as if all there is is families, an endless vista of families.

So why do Liberals hate this?

They hate it because strong families don't need the help of the Government, they might from time to time but on a regular bases they can simply get on with life and ignore the Government. It isn't as simple as Liberals love more Government. The reason they want more Government is two fold. First they want more options in life and they believe that families hold the individual back, but that Government frees the individual to made the choices and live the life they see fit. Secondly they believe something that we also believe, that not all families are equal. But unlike us who accept that as a fact of life, they find it outrageous that some families have more advantageous than others. Only a disinterested third party can fix this and they believe that the Government is that disinterested party.

By redefining the definition of the family from a Father, a Mother and their own children, to a single Mother and child (ren), or to a Homosexual couple and adopted children or seemingly any other combination they can do two things. One potentially positive and one negative. The positive is that each person now has the ability and freedom to form a family, instead of a family being so restrictive now anyone can have a family if they want to be part of one. The negative is that it takes power from the Traditional family. The idea that the Traditional family exist as it does for valid reasons is an unpopular one with Liberals because it takes away the ability of the individual to design life as they see fit.

When it all comes down to it the real problem with the Traditional family is that it is a unit, Husband, Wife and children are all a team, all in this life together. When according to Liberalism they should be autonomous individuals making their own way in the world. Liberalism will never forgive the family for being guilty of this crime.

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