Saturday 23 December 2023

Keeping Traditions Alive

How often do we hear that the old traditions are dying out?

How often do we say much the same thing?

But what are we doing personally to keep these traditions alive?

Recently I was talking with one of my brothers and I mentioned that I only received one Christmas card this year. He replied he hadn't sent any out and that it seemed that it was a tradition that was dying out. Which made me realise that I was part of the problem as I never send out Christmas cards. If I want this tradition to survive then maybe I should do something to keep it alive. Like telling people that I want Christmas cards sent to me, maybe even going the radical route and sending some out myself.

This week I have been out and about doing Christmas shopping and everywhere I have been I have been wishing people Merry Christmas and people like it. People want to be a part of the festive season and they like it when other people are nice and pleasant to them. I have seen people smile, I have had people then wish me a merry Christmas. What I have not encountered is any pushback. If we want to keep our traditions alive then we need to keep them alive.


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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. :D


  2. I've never sent out Christmas cards, but its not something I'm proud of, as I do enjoy getting them. I've noted that its lots of these little things that we've let drop off, as if we are trying to streamline life to its most efficient.

  3. I am pretty sure the sending of Christmas cards was largely the province of the fairer sex, one of the many casualties of feminism and the housing market pushing women into work. The habit of paper correspondence, stamps in the purse and the second daily vist to the post box have also been lost. Still we should absolutely take up the slack.

    Happy Easter,

  4. Time to now record most of these well thought out traditionalist/ philosophical essays (assuming you haven’t done so already) easily published at very low cost via Amazon. They will be of great interest in the future and you will preserve the memories by sending off copies in the respective state and Federal libraries for future generations. It’s probably easier than you think and you could add some images of traditionalists conference and so forth if you liked.

  5. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.