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Hollywoodism: How The Jews Invented Hollywood (1998)

I came across this quite by accident and I decided to watch it and I'm glad I did. It is a look at the early movie Mughals of Hollywood, all of whom were Jewish. While this is very sympathetic to them and certainly has it's own position to push, I also found it quite insightful, particularly in showing why they had the views that they did and why they had them. The start of the documentary when they talk about the Pale in Russia is revealing not because of it's accuracy but because of what they believe to be true. Later on there is a point about how these ideas played out and still play out in Hollywood fiction.

There were also three areas that I felt should be highlighted.

34 minute mark: Where they talk about the Mughals attitude to intermarriage

52 minute mark: Where they talk about erasing their Jewishness

1:18 minute mark: Where they talk about the Mughals attitude to the mixing of the bloods

I have noticed that Hollywood historically did erase Jews which is why so many people, myself included, can be so surprised that it was run by Jews. A movie that is still famous is The Jazz Singer, which even though it was made in 1927 only became public domain on the 1st January 2023. It is the first 'talkie' and is about a Jew who wants to marry outside of his faith and decides he'd rather be famous then Jewish. This is the only movie I can think of for nearly the next 50 years to have a expressly Jewish story. other movies have Jewish sentiments and ideas, but they are not expressly about Jews. In fact religion is normally in the background and rarely in the foreground. The Catholic Church brought in the Hays Code which regulated the contents of Hollywood movies for over 30 years (1933-1968). This meant that nearly ever religious movie you have ever seen from the golden age of Hollywood is about the Catholic Church. Which meant that in a predominately Protestant America, Jews pushed Catholicism.  

It is incredible once you see it just how invisible the Protestant faith is from old time American movies. Often a 'Preacher' will preach in 'The Church', with no other identifying feature. 

Another area that they touch on and which I have noticed myself is how Jewish actors and actresses were turned into Non-Jews. I didn't know that Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske to Jewish parents. But I have noticed something which continues today and that is the blurring of the line between Jews and Non-Jews. I remember watching an episode of The Twilight Zone(1959_TV_series), where the main actor in a particular episode had a very English name and looked East European. Which got me to thinking about the idea that many actors who were clearly Jewish often played parts that were not Jewish. It further got me thinking about how many parts that were for Jews were played by Non-Jews. Which seemed a bit strange until you think about how often intermarriage and race mixing is supported and endorsed.....and not just by Hollywood.

(98 minutes long)


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  1. Thanks for the posting.

    What comes across is how much Hollywoodism is obsessed by race and the outsider (the fringe) and the desire to displace the original ascendancy with their own.

    "All one needs is a gentile demeanour to hide in plain sight."