Sunday 11 October 2020

The Ninety-First Month

A below average month in which I have found it hard to write, the lack of stimulation because of the lockdown has had an affect upon me. Today I went for a walk, the first time I have been past my letterbox in two months. Although I have felt the creative juices flowing in the past week or so. I just need to be more discipline and actually write. I keep finding things that I don't like about the new format, last weekend I wrote two articles in one day, I don't normally do that. But I didn't publish the second article until Tuesday. In the old format it would say that the article had been published on Tuesday, but now it states the date it was published is Sunday, the day it was written. Annoying!

My best day in the past month was the 20th of September when I had 240 visitors, my worst day was the 24th of September when I had a very low 57. In September I had a total of 3,314 visitors, this month I have had 950 visitors.

I have decided to include the information that the new format gives me, which is not always the information that I have provided in the past. My visitors by country over the past 30 days:

1. 1,350 United States

2. 670 Australia

3. 192 Russia

4. 116 U.A.E.

5. 111 U.K.

6. 108 Germany

7. 101 New Zealand

8. 56 Philippines

9. 49 Netherlands 

10. 37 India

11. 35 Canada

12. 32 Belgium 

13. 22 France

14. 21 Ireland

15. 20 Nepal

16. 18 Indonesia

17. 17 Malaysia

18. 13 Cambodia

19. 13 Peru

20. 224 Other (which means visitors from every other country not already listed)

I hope to see you again soon.

Mark Moncrieff

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