Thursday 21 March 2019

Christchurch is the Future

I remember back in 1994, how shocked, outraged and disgusted I was by the massacre carried out at the Cave of the Patriarchs. To kill people praying seemed even more monstrous than simply killing them. But a lot of water has sadly passed under the bridge in the last quarter century. When I heard about the massacre in Christchurch I was not shocked, I was not outraged and I was not disgusted, because this is now the world we live in.

In the last week I have heard many different opinions on the massacre from shocked, outraged, disgusted to "he's my new hero". The truth is that the world is more complex then it used to be, who should we support? The Muslims who came to destroy our way of life? The Government that brought them to the West? Or the man who murdered them? Which one of them is on our side?

I saw a company statement, I'm sure many companies had them, but the one I saw blamed the massacre on ethno-nationalism and people holding anti-immigrant views. Sorry but the massacre didn't take place under our watch. New Zealand is not an ethno-state, it should be but it isn't. Instead it is like every other country in the Western world a multicultural state. This massacre took place under their watch.

Exactly as Conservatives have been saying for decades. We always said that multiculturalism would lead to violence and it keeps happening. And it will keep happening. Because under Liberalism the only solution to a problem is more of the problem. If Multiculturalism is a problem then we must surely need more multiculturalism. Which means that this is not the end it is simply a continuation, one more in an endless cycle of murder and massacre. All brought to by by our own governments.

But there is further failure of Liberalism, the destruction of the family. I have heard the gunman's Grandmother and Uncle condemn him, I have heard that NSW police took his Mother and Sister to a safe place as they required protection. But in non of this have i heard anyone mention his Father. Dead, alive, whereabouts unknown?

A traveller who made his money on a crypto-currency, did he have friends? We haven't seen any interviewed, even unwillingly. No partner, no ex-girlfriends. He seems to be a man who kept looking for a place to belong and could not find it. What he did find was that there was no escaping multiculturalism. Even in a city called Christ church, located on the most distant isle of the most distant country in the Western world he couldn't escape it.

As more alienated young men find this out they will fight back. That is already true in many Muslim communities. Their alienated young men have been fighting back for decades now. It doesn't show any signs of ending and now more alienated young men from different ethnic and religious backgrounds will join the fight against the modern world....and each other, and you and I.

Our governments have no answer to this, because they are the cause of it.

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  1. New Zealanders have adopted Islamic prayer and cultural effects in reaction to this murderous terrorism. I have to wonder if that was the intended effect of the gunman, to advance his enemy so as to force others into violent reaction? He admits his relationship with Christianity is "complicated" but I have to think a sincere Christian would want to evangelize these newcomers. That's been totally absent in western society. No bishop or priest is going to these families and preaching Christ Crucified! If Christians fail in this regard, is there any reason to believe that our culture has a future?

  2. A well considered response Mr Moncrieff. I had some of the same thoughts - that a young man like that would in the past have been kept from such an act by having a family of his own, religious convictions, and membership of a community of his own. I think you're right to emphasise alienation as a looming problem.

  3. The difficulty that the West is having with this issue, is that it has misdiagnosed the cause. I've often written that the best antidote to this kind of "extremism", a sentiment I've heard expressed elsewhere, is exposure to sunlight. It cannot be denied that there were some views which were held which were trouble, but it wasn't the ecological views, or the views for preservation of self, but the idea of accelerationism, the wrong-headed idea of making things worse.

    Lack of real community is a part, definitely. But another part is lack of real education and dialogue. People are facing these major problems, but there are no philosophical frames of understanding by which to understand them and formulate a counter point. One has to accept the liberal viewpoint, and liberal values, and there is no alternative, nor discussion. People "feel" that there is a problem, but are unable to articulate or formulate their troubles in meaningful ways, because they're just blue and white collar workers with jobs, not intellectuals. So they have to work on this themselves. The result is, well, we see the result. People who vote for Brexit, Trump, who join "alternative" political groups see real problems, but they have no resources by which to properly understand them. All available resources are dedicated to enforcing that which they see as the problem.

    People are also ever so alienated today. Alienated from family, which has diminished in significance, alienated from community, where the word today simply means "people", alienated from any meanginful identity or organisation outside of the state or the company they work for. People are all alone in working out their place in the world. People who try to find allies find themselves alone. Where once workers had strong unions, they stand alone. Where one people had strong community ties, they have nothing. Superficiality has replaced the meaningful.