Sunday 24 September 2017

Raising Your Own Children

Recently I saw a video of a British couple who were allowing their 4 year old boy to dress as a girl. In their words they were "raising him to be gender neutral". But that's not raising is it?

Instead we have arrived at a point on the Liberal road that Conservatives have warned about for so long we have forgotten when it was first warned against. Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, someone who is self made, free to invent themselves. Free to choose everything about themselves. So this trend fits in perfectly with the greater aims of Liberalism. After all if you can choose your religion or nationality, why shouldn't you be able to choose your own gender?

And there is why we should reject the idea of gender, you and I are not social constructs we are biological creatures, therefor we have a sex. We are either male or female and we are unable to choose which, as biology has made that decision for us. But to Liberalism being unable to choose our own destiny is not freedom and freedom without constraint is at the very heart of Liberalism. So while I and nearly every other person thinks that the parents of that 4 year old boy are bad parents, and they are. They are the future of Liberalism, bad parenting is the future of Liberalism.

Because good parenting involves raising children, it involves setting limits, it involves discipline and saying no. Those things are slowly being removed from parents by Government. In some countries it is already illegal to spank your children. Many parents do not want to be the bad guy, they want their children to like them. If you raise your own children you might do something that makes them not like you, better to let them raise themselves. To let children set their own limits. However children hate this, sure they might like the idea but they hate the reality. Because they are not capable of living in such a world, they are children. The world of a children is small, as adults we can forget that. But even traveling a few streets away from where they live can seem like an alien place, a place of adventure or scary. To you or I that's not true, but we are adults.

Children need to be exposed to the world little by little, they do not need to be exposed to the adult world. They need stability and certainty not confusion, but being told that they can choose their own gender is not stability nor is it certainty. And you think to yourself well that's their business how they raise their child, it doesn't affect mine, but it will. When that children attends childcare or school, your child will be expected to treat them not as freaks, which is sadly what the parents have made him. But as just another child who one day is a boy and the next a girl and that's perfectly normal. Except it is not perfectly normal, it's weird but neither you or your child is allowed to notice. Your child is being lied to and they are never allowed to say so, neither are you!

This effects all of us, it is not just some freaky parents, it is about making us say things that we know both to be untrue and ridiculous. In Communist countries people were required to say things that they knew to be untrue. It destroys peoples belief in themselves, once you have publicly said something that you know to be false then how do you continue to believe in your own integrity? How do you trust your neighbours integrity when you have heard him say something that you both know is untrue?

This isn't about freedom, because the freedom of Liberalism is slavery. You are free to be anything you want as long as you betray who you really are. A boy is free to become a girl and then we must all lie and agree, that is not freedom. The freedom of Liberalism is a lie.

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  1. The sad truth behind most of these stories is that the parents are doing it for attention at the expense of their child's dignity. How do these stories get to the mainstream press? Did a journalist stumble upon a boy in a dress in the park and decide to make a story of it? Of course not, the parents took the story to the media so they could virtue signal. Well, the mother did anyway. A reasonable parent would tell a child who wanted to dress up that they could while in the house but had to play by the rules at school and in public. If the phase passes, well, no long lasting social problems for anyone. The parents are narcissists and lack any sort of self-awareness.

    EDIT: I just read the story about Ben McCormack. Perhaps journalists would approach boys in dresses...

    1. Mr. Simmons

      I'm glad to see your still around!

      I absolutely agree that the parents are narcissists. As you point out it is one thing to play dress ups, it's quite another to live that way. However it is a part of Liberalisms attack on the family and there are few if any more Liberal professions than journalism.

      Mark Moncrieff