Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Don't Support Family First

Today Australia has a new Senator, the former Senator from South Australia, Dob Day, was forced to resign when a company that he was part owner of went bankrupt. As a bankrupt cannot remain in Parliament. In Australia a Senate seat when it becomes vacant between elections is filled by the State Parliament voting in a replacement Senator. In theory that can be anyone, in practice it is someone from the same party as the recent Senator, in this case Family First.

Family First is socially and economically Conservative, but they are not actually Conservative because they accept too much of Liberalism, including civil patriotism. So today Australia has it's first black African in Parliament, ohh and she's a women.

I first heard of this on Facebook when Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy put the "happy" news on it's Facebook feed. They were quite enthusiastic and very happy that someone from the Commonwealth would be in our Parliament, she was born in Kenya. I was however much less impressed and I wrote that I would never support Family First again as we don't need foreigners as Senators. To which I received the expected reply from a third person informing me that she was an Australian citizen. To which I replied that I too have a worthless bit of paper and it's called an Australian birth certificate.

I am sick and tired of these civic patriots treating my country as a bloody social experiment. I'm sick and tired of parties that should be on our side being as evil as everyone else. I'm sick of us being replaced and told that we are not allowed to complain about it. I'm sick of the traitors from the Governor-General all the way down to the Antifa thugs. I'm sick and tired of being betrayed!

One more Invader being supported by Traitors......and they think that there will be no comeback!!

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  1. Looks like Family First has gone the way of the Dodo. See

    1. Aulicus

      See how powerful I am, within a week of disavowing them they collapse!

      That might not be true but it does give me some satisfaction. The Australian Conservatives are also sadly a party of civic nationalism, so in reality nothing has changed.

      Mark Moncrieff

  2. Liberals could be taken more seriously when they encourage black African countries to give affirmative action to whites. I doubt Kenyans would ever entertain the idea of a white President, running on an alt-right platform.