Thursday, 15 September 2016

What is a Cuckservative?

Recently I was on a site and the host was attacking the Alt-Right and it was clear to me that she did not understand the real meaning of the words "Cuckservative" or "Cuck". Then I thought, I wonder if those who visit my site know what it means? I'm sure many, if not most do, but for those who do not know I thought I should put it here for all to see.

Firstly, Cucksevative is a contraction of two words, "Cuckold" and "Conservative", sometimes it is abbreviated as simply "Cuck". I hope someone who is on this site doesn't need the word Conservative explained. The word Cuckold however does need explaining. It originates from the word "Cuckoo", a cuckoo is a bird, although many people think of it as a clock, the cuckoo clock. The cuckoo bird is a type of bird that exists on different Continents and in different climates and terrain. However the one we are concerned with is called the Common Cuckoo which lives in Africa and Europe.

The Common Cuckoo is a Brood Parasite, basically it has it's fun and then lays it's eggs in other birds nests. That way it doesn't have to raise it's own young, instead Common Cuckoo's are raised by birds other than it's parents and then goes on to do the same again when it comes time to breed. In the Middle Ages this fact was well known and it gave rise to the term "Cuckold" which meant either a man or a women who's spouse had been unfaithful. Over time the term came to mean a man who's wife had been unfaithful.

If you go to the dictionary this will be the definition that you find and this confuses many people. When a candidate or pundit is called a Cuckservative are they saying his wife has been unfaithful? Are they insulting the wife, implying that she is unfaithful? It just seems mean!

And for 500 years the dictionary definition was correct, however in the last two decades the meaning of the word "Cuckold" has slightly changed and it changed because of internet pornography. In internet pornography a Cuckold is a man who wants or encourages his wife to be promiscuous. Just as the pornographic industry started the myth that women could not resist becoming amorous with the pool cleaner or the pizza delivery boy, so it has created another myth that men really want their wives to be promiscuous. But in truth most men find that idea quite repulsive.

It is here between the myth and the reality that the word Cuckservative came into being. Morally a man who encourages his wife to sleep around is her pimp, but unlike an "honest" pimp he doesn't get any money from it, so why does he do it? Because of the emotional high that he gets, it's all about how it makes him feel. But add to this another factor, an important one, a man who encourages his wife to be promiscuous is also betraying his marriage, in fact the very ideal of marriage,

So when a man is called a Cuckservative he is being called out for betraying his ideals and/or his country. A Cuckservative is a man who talks about how much he loves his country but does nothing to defend his fellow countrymen. He pimps out his ideals, his country in return for how it makes him feel. It is the very worst form of virtue signaling and it is utterly contemptible.

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  1. A very good explanation:) I think Pathological Altruism is another word for it. BTW, the opponents of Alt-Right often appear to be confused. Some of them mean well, no doubt, while others...I'm not so sure!

  2. Those that mock and say "muh constitution" to those that think the Constitution is a cr_p piece of paper are cucks in my eyes.