Thursday 31 December 2015

Destroying the Family

In the last 50 years the Family has gone from strong to weak, from being the bedrock of society to being seen by many as just one of many options in life.(The Family Versus Liberalism) The destruction of the Family continues today and will continue into the future. The way that it has been destroyed is an interesting look at how Liberalism operates in practice.

First of all Liberalism pushed the idea of personal liberty, your you're own person, you can do as you want, don't let anyone tell you what to do. Not your parents, not your teachers or your church, don't obey the law if you feel it is unjust. Do as you want, do as you feel because that is what makes you free. When people try to bring you back into the fold they are oppressors and Fascists, you cannot let people like that run your life, be free, don't allow them to restrict you. Coupled with this was a very old idea that made a comeback in the 1960's, that idea was Free-Love. Which is not about love at all but about lust. This idea is much older and has a spotty history with Liberalism. But under Left Liberalism it became official. Today we live in a Free-Love society.

Along with that went the idea that marriage should not be a sexual prison, people within marriage should be free to express themselves. If someone committed adultery they shouldn't be punished, it was a problem between two people, only those within the marriage could have any problem. It was not something that society, the church or the Government should have any say in. Of course that rewarded the adulterer and punished the innocent party. But if marriage is not to remain a sexual prison then that is the price that must be paid.

Liberalism has talked about equality since the 1830's, that people were all the same under the skin and that nothing really divide's the Human race. In line with that came Feminism, it was roughly the same again as Equality within Liberalism. But it really came into it's own under the patronage of Left Liberalism. As a part of Identity Politics it was perfect, it helped break up the natural bond between men and women by saying to women "You know all the things in life that upset you? Well they're the fault of men and we can fix them!" Fix the problems or fix men, Feminism likes to be a bit ambiguous on this point. But it did nothing to encourage men and women to be caring and supportive of each other. Instead Feminism encouraged women to become Bachelors

Allied to Feminism was another form of Identity Politics, Gay Liberation. Or as we Conservatives call it the Homosexual Agenda. What was so destructive about the Homosexual Agenda was the idea that there was nothing normal. Everything was normal, everything was natural, everything should be allowed and once it is allowed it becomes endorsed and supported. It was not homosexuality itself that was so much the problem as the ideas that came attached to it. The idea that everything is normal is very destructive.

At around the same time Governments began to provide financial support for women who became pregnant out of wedlock. This encouraged women to be promiscuous, it discouraged marriage because if a women married she would lose her benefits, it stopped men from being proper fathers as poor men cannot compete with the resources of the Government and this lack of stability has an impact upon men, women and children. While it provides short term relief, it causes long term problems. (How Socialism Helped Destroy Marriage)

But the most damaging of all was No Fault Divorce. The rest might have faded away over time but No Fault Divorce is the plague that just keeps on giving. The idea was that people trapped in a loveless or harmful marriage should be able to divorce, okay maybe thats right, maybe they should be able to. But No Fault Divorce goes that step further and says it might be embarrassing for people to have to admit why they want a divorce so it is better if we ask no questions and just grant the divorce. Before this if someone wanted a divorce they needed a good reason, but now any reason would do. So instead of people trying to make their marriage work because they had too, they now could get divorced. It destroyed marriages, it destroyed families, it destroyed lives and it still does. But maybe worst of all is that it destroys the idea that marriage is permanent, that marriage is a real commitment. It destroys the idea that marriage is forever.

And this list is only those things that the Left Liberals brought to bare, it doesn't include the economic consequences of Mass Immigration or Free-Trade. The Family is under threat, the very idea of the Family is under threat. People have grown so used to the way the world is today that they think things are normal. But nothing about these times is normal. We need to remember that and to let others know, we need to wake people up.

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  1. No fault divorce is absurd and destructive. The idea that marriages and families, that the lives of children, should be able to be torn in half for no reason at all is a crime against civilization. To take the foundation of society and to make it more breakable than a cellphone contract is to invite its destruction.