Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Difference's Between Men and Women

We are often told that men and women are equal, that they are the same, that there is no real difference between the two. Of course this goes against all of Human history and experience, including our own, including of those who tell us such things.

Traditional Conservatives of course reject this view, we believe our own eyes and experience. That men and women are different in very profound ways and that those differences are important to the success, the happiness and the survival of the Human race. So in what ways are men and women different?

Men are interested in how things work. How does the World work? How does a Government work? How does a car work? They are interested in processes's, in how things work and in why things work as they do. They are interested in action, in building and in making things work.

Women are interested in people and in how people relate to each other. Women are interested in feelings and in people activities. Thats how women seem to know so much about everyone.

Men however aren't interested in people, people are too individualistic for men's liking. Women on the other hand find that machines and Governments are too abstract, not human enough, not individual enough to warrant much attention.

The male tendency to see things as part of a whole and the female tendency to see things in isolation can be disastrous when viewed by themselves. But when men and women join together these tendencies become assets, they complement each other because they cover such a wide spectrum of activities and experience.

Men and women are not the same and nor should they be, they each have unique talents and we need them. We need both male and female, not in each individual as we are so often told, we need the real talents, not some second best talent. Only men can provide the uniquely male talents and only women can provide these unique female talents. Let us embrace the differences.

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