Tuesday 2 July 2013

All 20 Conservative Principles

All 20 Conservative Principles

Here are all 20 of the Conservative Principles I have detailed in my last 20 posts. This is put here for anyone who would like to print this off, either to study it themselves or to hand out to someone who may be interested in these ideas.

Conservative Principles

1 Conservatives believe that there exists an enduring moral order, human nature is constant and moral truths are permanent. They understand that men and women are best content when they can feel that they live in a stable world of enduring values.

2 Conservatives believe in traditions, customs, conventions and permanence. When those who seek to destroy the old ways succeed they start to create the exact same things that they claimed they didn’t need or want customs, conventions and permanence.

3 The Principle of Prudence: think before you leap.

4 The Principle of Variety: We should respect the variety within the human race, which includes class, sex, race and ability, amongst others.

5 The Principle of Hierarchy: Hierarchy preserves and protects the whole community simultaneously, instead of protecting one part at the expense of the others.

6 That freedom and private property is such a close link that to take one away is to take away the other.

7 The Conservative does not put his trust in mere benevolence. Constitutional restrictions, political checks and balances, adequate enforcement of the law and the old intricate web of restraint upon will and appetite, these the Conservative approves as instruments of freedom and order. A just Government maintains a healthy tension between the claims of authority and the claims of liberty.

8 The Conservative knows that any healthy society is influenced by two forces, which Samuel Taylor Coleridge called it’s permanence and it’s progression, in short the Conservative favours reasoned and temperate progress. He is opposed to the cult of progress, which believes that everything new is superior to everything old.

9 The Conservative knows that there is no war between the sexes because men and women are the twin pillars of the human race. They are mutually supporting, bringing the opposite of what the other has, they fit together and are expressly made to fit together.

10 The Principle of Mutual Obligation: The poor and the weak should be protected from the rich and the strong, but it is better to encourage those able to look after themselves to do so and to concentrate on those truly in need of our aid and protection.

11 The Principle of Defence: The Defence of the Nation and it’s interests is a permanent mandate of Government, it has no higher duty.

12 The Principle of Respect: Conservatives believe that Traditional authority should be respected, not absolute obedience but respect.

13 The Principle of Patriotism: Patriotism is right and proper.

14 Conservatism attempts to discern a “pattern in history” that will yield “clues” as to what is feasible or infeasible

15 Conservatives do not believe man to be perfectible if only his institutions can be reformed or destroyed, conservatives hold that man by his very nature is a mixture of good and evil, of rationality and irrationality.

16 Firms should be profitable, not for profit but so that they can remain an ongoing concern.

17 Employees matter, wherever in the company they are.

18 Customers keep the business in business, they matter.

19 All business should be striving for situations of mutual benefit/profit and not be engaged in economic cannibalism. 

20 Debt should be temporary and not permanent. The aim is to assemble a surplus not to assemble debt. Debt is bad.

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