Wednesday 5 June 2013

What do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

What do Traditional Conservatives believe?

Traditional Conservatives believe in the Traditional structure of society, with different social classes and different sex roles. We do not believe in everything that happened in the past. We believe that the family is the basic structure of human society, not the individual nor the Government.

We reject the idea that the home is less important than paid work. We contend that the value to society, the individual, the Government and the economy of work within the home and in support of society is a value that cannot be counted. A value that makes life better and worth living. Without the support of the home, society and the economy collapse. Without the family the individual is alone with the Government as both their only support and their boss.

We reject the transfer of authority, wealth and influence from the family to Government. We contend that the transfer should end and indeed reverse.

We believe in full male employment and not in chronic unemployment, that either immigration or unemployment can exist but not both at the same time.

We believe in marriage not in divorce, we believe in community and not in isolation or individualism.

We believe in financial solvency and not in long term debt, we believe in each segment of society and the economy having their rightful place and influence but non dominating for long.

We believe in freedom of religion instead of being anti-religious.

We believe in social, political and economic stability.

We do not believe in change for change sake.

We believe in the Traditional family of one Husband/Father, one Wife/Mother and children. We are against any action or policy which attacks or weakens the Traditional family.

We believe that each segment of society should enjoy respect commensurate with their support for stability. We believe that extremes are only rarely of value and that moderation is normally the best policy.

We believe that the Government should be loyal to the people and that the people should return that loyalty.

We believe that employers and employees are on the same side, not competing against one another. We reject class warfare.

We believe that men and women need each other, both on a personal and societal level. We reject both the claim that men and women are rivals or that the differences between them don't matter. The differences are why men and women need each other.

We do not believe that man is lower than animals nor do we believe that mankind is better than angels. We believe in mans fallibility and imperfection. We further believe that extends to our works and institutions. We believe we need to strive to do our best as our imperfections stalk us.

We believe in our Heroes, great and small who gave so much to us and our heritage. We believe in the future of our people and Nation. We believe in the love of our country, in its honour and in its well being.

We believe in war and peace being opposite sides of the same coin and to prepare for both. We do not believe in mankind ending history, nor do we believe in the perfection of man nor of his institutions.

We believe that there will always be rich and poor and that the poor and weak need and deserve our protection. We do not believe in a dog eat dog world. But we do believe in healthy competition within society and the economy.

We believe in good policy and not in feel good politics.

We believe that the victims of crime deserve justice and that serious crime deserves serious punishment.

We believe in Traditional authority and its rightful place. We believe in respect for the Government and in respect for the rule of law and the institutions of Law. We believe in respect for our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services. We further believe that that respect must be returned or respect can turn to contempt.

We believe in respect for our Glorious dead and for our veterans, for those who serve and those who have served.

We believe in equality of all before the Law, but reject the idea that equality means equal in ability or of outcome.

We believe that society should serve and protect the average person instead of the exceptions.

We believe that there is a time when necessity is more important than the ideal.

We believe that the Nation and its institutions exist to help and protect the citizen of the Nation first and foremost.

Finally we believe in human nature and that we have answers, but we know we do not have all the answers, for that you must seek a higher authority than man.

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  1. The fact that this manifesto repeatedly uses "it's", where grammatical rules require "its", is most unfortunate.

  2. I question the "We believe in freedom of religion. . . ." Do we now? Most of us are outright advocating a state religion, so I imagine the room for exception would be deemed "religious tolerance."

  3. Dear RJ

    Your correct, I have now corrected myself. Mark Richardson told me the same thing but I forgot about it.

    Dear Restingapricity

    I'm afraid we must hang out with very different people as I've never heard any Traditional Conservative say they wanted a state religion. In those places that have state religion I would think they would want to keep it, but start a new one?

    Maybe you are correct I should say tolerance instead of freedom, unfortunately most people would see religious tolerance as limiting religion. Tolerance is one of those words that Liberalism has mangled quite a bit.

    Lastly my purpose in writing that was to say I don't care what your religious beliefs are, as long as your not anti-religious you can play on my team. I stand by that.

    1. Yes, I agree that the term "tolerance" has been hijacked; but if I'm not mistaken, it was what the Church originally opted for before beginning to adopt the "religious freedom" rhetoric of the modern age.

      A lot of the authors at the Orthosphere are monarchists. True traditionalism requires this, I would argue. Here's an example of the advocation of a Catholic society:

    2. Dear Restinginapricity

      I am also a Monarchist, a Constitutional Monarchy. I believe that a Traditional society is a balanced society with each social class having a rightful place. Including the Monarch, who I see as the ballast in the ship of state.

      While I am a Monarchist I do not see any reason why a Republic could not be Traditional. I would say that the Roman Republic was more Traditionist than the Roman Empire.


  4. Dear Mark,

    Can you explain why you (or conservatives generally) believe in different social classes?

    I come from a working class family and without access to tertiary education, something my parents were denied, I would not enjoy the middle class lifestyle that I do, nor the capacity to engage with our national and political conversations.

    Do you realize how enriching, to a poorer boy, that can be?


    1. Your parents were "denied" a tertiary education? Did they have the money and were turned away? That's being denied.

  5. Dear JJ

    I thought your question was so good I decided to do a post on it which is here:

    Mark Moncrieff