Thursday 13 June 2013

6 of 20 Freedom and Private Property

6 of 20 Freedom and Private Property

That freedom and private property is such a close link that to take away one is to take away the other

This was originally directed at Communism and Fascism, but it can equally be directed at Left and Right Liberalism. When Left Liberalism is strong it wants to devalue private property as it gives strength which can be used against Government. 

Right Liberalism isn't much better, because while it seems at first that they would be in favour of private property their record shows things aren't quite that simple. It isn't that they don't believe in private property it's that they tend to pick sides and they have a big tendency to side with who ever is the biggest. In a fight between a big company and a small company, they tend to side with the big company. In a fight between a private citizen and a company they often side with the company. They believe in money, not in the common good, it's something we should always keep in mind when thinking or dealing with them.

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