Friday, 17 February 2017

Tradition in Strange Places

I argued back in August 2016 that game has undergone a profound change of heart. It was in the beginning about men getting more than their fair share from the sexual smorgasbord that Liberalism has provided. But over time, as those who have lived this life has gotten older they began to see a different Liberal world. A world in which items on the sexual smorgasbord were in reality poison.

I present to you two examples of exactly that.

First is from Roosh V, who started Return of Kings. I am amazed at how Traditional this video is, it is both insightful and sad. Just to deal with one thing in this video, I think most people, men and women, only need a 8th Grade education. Please do watch.

Why are women being educated?

The second is from Dalrock, who has also taken quite a Traditional viewpoint, have a read of this one:

Denying the Feminist Rebellion

Here are two men who only a few short years ago would have laughed at us, now saying the same things that we think.

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