Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Abuse Children for Fun and Profit

Abusing children is immoral, but in our Liberal society that doesn't mean it's illegal. Sure the more obvious abuses are illegal, for example it is illegal to murder, rape, molest, beat or starve children to death. Which is a very good thing. However there are just so many ways to abuse children and many of them come with great financial rewards. Don't believe me?

Well lets have a look at some of the ways.

Do you want to abuse children but you don't actually like to be around them? Then the Abortion industry might be what your looking for. Here you can make a decent wage just by counselling women to get an abortion. You might be on the medical side carrying out the abortions. Either way you can tell people how you work in "health care" and how you fix great moral problems like helping girls who have been raped by their Fathers. No need to tell them that 90% of the women you "help" are there because they've been lead to believe this is a legitimate form of birth control. You know like the contraceptive pill but with surgery.

But it's not just "health care" were you can abuse children, while it's not as profitable it's much easier to get into, what industry is that? Childcare, now many people will complain, childcare is a great and noble career they will say. How is separating children from their parents, in this particularly case their Mother, noble? No it is no such thing. Childcare is simply another way to get people used to the idea that parents are disposable. That we are all just random individuals. Children don't cry for their childcare worker, they cry for their Mother and Father, the people that mean the whole world to them. Childcare is a sad substitute for a real family.

Of course in Childcare they can control everything that should be the sole responsibility of the child's parents, discipline, nourishment, culture, beliefs. Non of that should be mandated by the Government, however in Childcare it all is. Here you get to abuse Children, the institution of the family and still tell everyone how much you love children!

How about if you don't want to deal with children too much but your not interested in a medical career? Well fortunately for you there is the Law, today the Law has a section that hardly existed before the 1970's, Family Law. Divorce is a great way to abuse children. Family Law specialize's in smash families to pieces. Childcare separates Mothers from their children. Family Law specializes in separating Fathers from their children. And the entire time you are helping to smash a family to pieces you can tell people how your performing a community service, so many of these men are no hopers, they are angry and violent, irrational and so very mean they don't even want to pay for their children to be raise by someone else. Your not to blame, all your doing is carrying out the Law, which says smashing families to pieces is legal.

Divorce leads me into another form of child abuse, when children are denied a parent. It might be through divorce, or their parents may never have been married or today it may be by being adopted by a Homosexual couple. No matter, the effect is all the same. A child is denied their birthright to be part of a family with both male and female influence. Now anyone with even an ounce of common sense can see that a child, whether it is a boy or a girl, needs both the masculine and the feminine. Neither is superior because both are needed.  

One thing this often leads to is back to the medical profession, "Doctor, I've tried everything, except discipline and consistency, to bring my child under control is there any way you can help me?". Well of course the medical profession can help, firstly they can provide one of their patently made-up diagnosis like ADHD. The best way to cure ADHD is with discipline and consistency, but the medical profession can't make any money from common sense so instead they hand out drugs. Drugging children to get them under control when simple parenting can achieve the same result, surely must be child abuse. Whether it is or isn't, drugging children is legal, all praise Liberalism!

And a final one, Identity, here you can work in a whole range of professions to destroy children's sense of Identity. You might be a Teacher, or you might work for the Government in Immigration for example or you might be a counselor or a Minister of Religion or work in Advertising. Destroying a child's sense of Identity can be achieve in so many ways. You might tell them about how fluid gender and sexuality is, after all growing up isn't confusing enough without Authority figures doing their best to harm your peace of mind. Maybe sexuality is not your thing, maybe you'd rather destroy their ethnicity and tell them that race doesn't exist. That their own eyes are lying to them and they should trust you instead. That they should love everyone in the world, you know except themselves and those closest to them. Yes there are so many ways to destroy a child's sense of well being.

Ohhh I nearly forgot one final but absolutely brilliant, and lets admit important, way to abuse children. One of the best ways is to become a Politician. Abortion, Childcare, Family Law, funding Single Parenthood, allowing Homosexuals to adopt children, allowing children to be drugged because of bad parenting, teaching about gender fluidity and to always hate your own people. Now non of that would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our Politicians.

Liberalism has provided so many ways to legally abuse children for both fun and profit. Sadly.

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  1. One thing this often leads to is back to the medical profession

    Bingo. Psychiatry has never been the least bit scientific. It's as scientific as voodoo. But that hasn't stopped it from expanding into areas where it has no business expanding, and where it has no expertise.

    The worst thing about psychiatry is the way it pathologises perfectly normal behaviour. Boys behave the way boys always have behaved but now that's not acceptable so they can get pumped full of Ritalin. At the same time psychiatry seeks to normalise genuinely unhealthy behaviour like homosexuality.

    The other big problem with psychiatry and psychology is that thy are disciplines that tend to attract people who are trying to work through their own issues. Psychiatrists are often crazier than their patients.

    Excellent post by the way.

  2. You can make a case that child molestation deserves the death penalty.

    A persons life is more or less ruined forever when they are molested as a child.