Wednesday 28 September 2016

The End of Any Consensus

When I was in my twenties I thought something that I no longer believe. I believed that while I disagreed with others politically, basically we were still on the same side. But in truth I no longer believe that at all. Now I wonder was it a different time or was I just naive?

Actually I think both were true, the times were different. The 1990's were right after the Cold War. The Depression of the 1930's, the Second World War and then the Cold War encouraged the idea that we were all in this together. That differences of opinion were merely that, a difference of opinion. That each person was entitled to their opinion and that no opinion was really better than another. While in reality each person held that their own opinion was correct. There was even a name for this, it was known as the Post-War consensus.

And in truth there was a consensus, but as the Cold War went on and Liberalism split that consensus began to break down. In the 1940's there was hardly any dispute about what constituted a family, about whether people could decide their own sex, about whether single women should have children to multiple fathers all funded by the taxpayer, that each nation belonged to it's own people and they had a right to protect that. But by the 1990's how much of that was disputed? Why, all of it was disputed. Things that were once unquestioned were now viewed as expendable and as of no value.

Over time it has become harder to see those who disagree as merely having a difference of opinion. It is also obvious that this new opinion is not one sided either. To hold the wrong opinion about homosexual marriage is forbidden in many circles, including many workplaces. Actually I'm just as intolerant as they are. How can they live in the world we want? How can we live in the world they want? Because what is becoming increasingly obvious is that we have very little in common.

 What do I have in common with those who believe I am merely an economic unit?

What do I have in common with those who believe that I have no sex, race or ethnicity?

What do I have in common with the foreigners who are flooding into my country?

What do I have in common with those that believe a family is anything they decide?

What do I have in common with those who believe that marriage is disposable and redefinable?

I have next to nothing in common with these people, they are not on my side. They sell me out at every step. They don't understand or respect me, Actually I return their lack of respect, I despise them. And I think more and more people are doing the same. How is this going to end?

Very very badly, that's how!

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  1. Dear Mr Moncrieff,
    Like you, I used to believe that while I might disagree with another person or group, essentially we could agree to disagree whilst still maintaining a degree of respect for one another.
    I no longer ascribe to that belief. In this modern world with all its technical/scientific advances, on a moral and ethical level, we are regressing at such a rate that I wonder where we will be in even five years time.
    I find no common ground with popular culture as it exists.
    To disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, current levels of immigration, desire to wear a cross in the workplace, fly our nation's flag, believe marriage should come before babies and that it is a man's responsibility to support his family, are label me as someone who is homophobic, racist, insensitive, intolerant, judgemental, and sexist.
    There is no common ground.. None whatsoever.. and I too, despair of where it will all lead.


  2. A few weeks ago WaPo had an article about the declining number of undecided or independent voters. Previously, it had been close to 50%. In 2012 it was 15%. This year it is 5%.

    For example, Once Al Gore was a pro-life Democrat. No such creatures exist today.

    There are two very divided, polarized Americas. I'm pessimistic about what the future holds.