Sunday 17 July 2016

What Form of Government Should Conservative's Support?

When I was growing up it seems unpatriotic not to support Democracy, it was not only the system of Government but during the Cold War it defined us in opposition to Communism. My opposition to Communism has not ended but my support for Democracy is weakening all the time.

Democracy, can come in two forms, Direct or Representative. The Greeks practised Direct Democracy, every freeman could not simply vote he was also a part of the Assembly. He could debate, agree, critise and vote. And if he voted for war he got to fight in that war. In a City State that was possible. When Democracy was revived 2000 years later it was as a Representative system. Instead of all men being able to make decisions, now only Representatives voted. Now that system works as long as there is both genuine representation and if there are genuine differences between the representatives.

What has increasing happened in the West is that the political parties, all the major and most of the minor are Liberal. There is no genuine representation and no genuine differences between them. They all are Liberals, Feminists, Free-Traders and Multiculturalists.

It is a mockery, it's a mockery of the ideals of Democracy and it's a mockery of us!

A political system that is a mockery of itself cannot survive, because it is losing the one thing that all political systems require, legitimacy.

Maybe it is not too late to save Democracy, but unless something very radical is done it cannot survive in it's current format. It can only get worse.

I have heard from many Conservatives that Democracy was always illegitimate as it usurped the authority of Kings and the Church. I hate to say this because it is as unpalatable for me to say as it may be for you to hear, but the reason we are not ruled by Kings is because the rule of Kings failed. The reign of Kings lasted for a long time and was successful, but it failed. The reign of Democracy has also lasted for a long time but it is also failing. Maybe every system of Government has it's time in the sun and then fades away, some last centuries, some for decades and some for a very short period of time. To be honest I'm not sure if that is realism or cynicism.

Another things that Conservatives like is a House of Lords, a Conservative force made up of Ancient families with vested interests in keeping change slow. But a proper House of Lords needs those Ancient families and the truth is that most countries simply do not possess them. Even those countries that do cannot escape the fact that they can be subverted and in fact have been.

So if Kings cannot rule and Democracy is failing, and Communism is out what am I proposing?

I, like all true Conservatives want the Kings to return. I live in a Constitutional Monarchy and I would like the Monarch to have more power, particularly more power to say no. I would like those countries that once had Kings to put them back on their thrones.

As for Parliament, I still want to keep Parliament, both Houses, but I want the Lower House to be representative but not elected. How could this be achieved?

By Balloting, each Electorate would in effect conscript a man to represent them in Parliament. Only men who are married with children would be able to seat in Parliament. He would be paid his wage at the time of being Balloted plus 10%, and indexed to inflation. His pension would also be based upon his income during his tenure. And his term of office would be for 12 years.

The 12 year term is important, as it means that they have time to get used to their position, they can learn how the bureaucracy works and they have an end date beyond which they could not stay.

Some will argue that we would get some real idiots and fruitcakes in Parliament, to which I have two comments, firstly if you think the current lot of Parliamentarians are the cream of the crop then you really need to pay more attention. Secondly if a Parliamentary system is to survive it needs real representation and genuine differences.

In practical terms most men would be fine, some would not be and there would need to be a way of determining that. But it would need to be based upon real antisocial and/or criminal activities and/or mental instability.

They would also require more support within their electorate and Parliamentary office then are currently allowed.

Now I know this is quite a radical idea, but at the same time I believe workable. I would like to hear any thoughts you may have on this proposal.

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  1. A couple of other suggestions on democracy.

    The purpose of parliament should not be to pass new laws. Mostly we don't need new laws. Changing the law or creating new laws should be seen as a radical change and should require a two-thirds majority of both houses.

    The other alternative is to require referenda for all major legislative changes. This would not be as difficult as it sounds. They could be held once a year at a particular time and all legislation requiring a referendum could be done at the same time.

    The more difficult it is for governments to change things the better.

  2. Mr. Doom

    Some excellent ideas there, but these things could only be done once we had a more Traditional set of laws in place.

    But I really like your ideas!

    Mark Moncrieff

  3. What you are proposing is a form of sortation, or the way the juries are organized in the US.

    I don't think there is much problem in electing representatives, but there is a problem with universal suffrage.

    And I personally think there is an even bigger problem with letting the major cultural complexes (media,academia) operate as closed systems that can still collect rents from society.

    For example, there is a supposed ability in my country whereby people can pressure the FCC to refuse licensing to a national TV affiliate, but the process is clearly tilted towards liberal complaints about not enough non-whites/women. Any defaming of the conservative part of society is allowed without restraint.

    I understand that the Commonwealth nations have an even worse symptom of state-owned broadcasters with a severe tilt to the left.

    1. Mr. Observer

      Yes in effect I am saying our Parliament should be like a jury.

      The problem with elections is that no matter who you vote for a Politician gets in. My system removes that.

      I take it as read that all of these (media/academia) must be removed from the Liberals and the others on the Left.

      The Government owned stations are bad, but that comment implies that the commercial stations are good and sadly that isn't true.

      Mark Moncrieff

  4. "Another things that Conservatives like is a House of Lords, a Conservative force made up of Ancient families with vested interests in keeping change slow. But a proper House of Lords needs those Ancient families and the truth is that most countries simply do not possess them."

    NOT necessary merely ancient families with impeccable lineage. Accomplished persons too at the end of their career also get a Lordship and a seat in the House of Lords?

    1. I'm not a fan of Life Peerage. It is nothing more than political patronage and what we want is people who are committed to the long term not people are committed to the Government of the day.