Friday, 19 February 2016

Are you Human?

I ask because for well over a century Liberals have used a very curious phrase "to be fully human". What a strange turn of phrase! If you are human, aren't you already fully human? Not according to Liberalism.

Liberalism seeks to create the Autonomous Individual, a person who is totally free and who possesses unlimited potential.  The Autonomous Individual is fully human!

You and I are not fully human because we are flawed, we are held back because we are defined by our race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, religion, class, amongst many other things, all of which stop our potential. We are neither free nor do we possess unlimited potential. That is why Liberalism put's so much importance into the idea that we are all equal. Because if we are all equal then we can be free, free from our race, free from our ethnicity, free from our sex, free from our religion, free from our class. We would become equal with everyone else, we would be made free of those things that hold us back, we would be made free of those things that divide us.  We would be empty vessels with unlimited potential. 

We could then choose our own ethnicity, our own race and sex, we would be empty vessels that would need to be filled. We would also need to be totally free. To be totally free we cannot have commitments or loyalties, they do not make a person free!

To be totally free we must not have nations to be loyal too, we must not have any form of group loyalty. There can be no loyalty to race or class or sex or family, all of these things are things that keep us committed and being committed makes us unfree. They must all be done away with. The Autonomous Individual only has one loyalty, to Liberalism of course.

To be quite blunt, being fully human sounds quite inhuman and it sounds that way because it is. The Liberal idea of making us into Autonomous Individuals is not a perfect world, it is a hell on Earth. Fully thanks I'll stay flawed.

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  1. The odd thing is that we are no longer allowed to define ourselves by class. Or income. Being working class doesn't qualify you for Protected Victim Group status. Being poor doesn't qualify you for Protected Victim Group status.

    In fact if you're unlucky enough to be white male heterosexual and poor you're still considered to be privileged. Even if you're white female heterosexual and poor you still don't qualify.

    In fact increasingly being female buys you virtually no victim points. This is a very unpleasant lesson that white feminists are starting to learn.

    There's been a seismic shift away from concerns with economic justice and the interests of the poor and downtrodden. Social justice means you can be wealthy and middle class and still be as victim if you're black or homosexual. You can be filthy rich and upper class and still be a victim if you're black or homosexual.

    The destruction of working class pride has been one of the great tragedies of the past half century and it's a tragedy that has passed unnoticed.

    Becoming "fully human" is only permitted if you have enough Victim Points to qualify. White people need not apply.

    1. Liberals are about becoming "fully human" by "liberation" from an alleged oppressive culture. In Marxist terms, this means dispelling false consciousness.

      What too many of the virtue seeking gentry do not get, is that cultural Marxism will lead to real Marxism or Sharia. While an individualist Westerner almost never freely converts to Islam, I believe that many would do so if induced a la Soumission. Individualism is not something liberals will kill and die for.

    2. "While an individualist Westerner almost never freely converts to Islam, I believe that many would do so if induced a la Soumission."

      I don't think it will take much inducement.