Friday 30 January 2015

Melbourne Traditionalists

If your in Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Traditionalists will be meeting up on Tuesday the 10th February at 7pm.

Its important to move from the internet to the real world, to start meeting other Conservatives and to start making contacts. The Liberal world we live in can only be challenged by grouping together. To talk, to complain, to laugh, to get support in a world that can often feel as if we have no support.

I advise all Traditional Conservatives no matter where they are to meet others with the same outlook and to band together. We meet, we talk, we eat, we have a drink and we talk about the mad world we live in. Don't do this alone, band together.

For anyone who is able and interested in coming along, contact me uponhopeblog(at)

Mark Moncrieff
Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

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