Tuesday 1 July 2014

An Immigration Proposal

An Immigration Proposal

This year the Australian Government will admit into Australia nearly 210,000 immigrants. This at a time when there are more than 700,000 unemployed in Australia and that figure is only if you accept the official unemployment figures. Figures that leave out anyone who has received paid work of more than 1 hour a month or who does any work, including unpaid work on a farm. These immigrants will of course compete against the unemployed in looking for work. As a Traditional Conservative I can see an argument for allowing immigration, but I cannot see an argument in favour of keeping the unemployed without work in favour of immigrants. In fact my attitude to immigrants and towards white Australians who support them over their fellow Australians has hardened considerably.

But while I want an immediate end to immigration, I unfortunately see that that could have serious consequences for the economy, because like most Western countries Australia is part of an immigration pyramid scheme. A scheme that imports people to hide how bad our society is functioning and to provide cheap labour to industry. It also keeps many builders, architects and developers in employment who continue to make our cities harder places to live. Our goal should be twofold 1) to end the importation of a new people to replace us and 2) to end the economic pyramid scheme that demands more and more or it will collapse.

To that order I propose a plan that would reduce immigration from the cuurent (nearly) 1 in 100 to a much more manageable 1 in 1000. From 210,000 a year to 23,000 a year, over the course of 7 years. By reducing the intact by 25,000 each year until we reach our target.


This allows each area of the economy to adjust to the new conditions and gives companies and workers a chance to adjust as well. While we each harbour a desire to get back at those who have allowed the current state of affairs to exist and to punish them. Politically and economically we must resist such thoughts. Conservatives have an advantage that others do not have as we can see things in the long term. That means that instead of changing things overnight we can take time to change things around us, we should use that to our advantage. Immigration should only exist for one reason and that is to benefit the nation, if it doesn't do that then it should end. 23,000 a year isn't exactly ending it but it means that those who are allowed in have to have a very good argument for being allowed in.

Now lets compare my proposal to the current intake.

Over 5 years
Current: 1,050,000
Mine :  625,000

Over 10 years
Current: 2,100,000
Mine: 767,000

Over 20 years
Current: 4,200,000
Mine: 997,000

Thats a difference of more than 3 million, thats a big number when you remember that Australia's current population is 23,000,000.

Of course sadly this is just an idea, a proposal, I do not have the power to make this happen but it is important to think about what you would do if you did have the power. Both as an intellectual exercise and as a way of defining what you believe and to define how practical an idea it is. I have further thoughts on refugees but I'll leave them for the moment.

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  1. Mark, I've written you a sort-of reply to this post on my blog and gone into detail about some of my thoughts on immigration.

  2. I remember Australians Against Further Immigration in 1990 saying we will never have a say.