Wednesday 7 May 2014

Liberalism, Exalt the Individual, Blame the Individual

Liberalism, Exalt the Individual, Blame the Individual

At the heart of Liberalism is the belief that the individual is supreme, that the individual should not be held back by any outside restraint, some even say by any restraint. That the highest achievement in life is choice, to choose your own future and to not have it dictated. The idea is that people know what will make them happy and everyone else should stand out of the way. As long as it doesn't hurt other people then it should be allowed and encouraged. But what happens when your life doesn't work out as planned?

What happens when you become unemployed or your marriage breaks down or if you never marry? Well according to Liberalism you chose for these things to happen. The individual is supreme, they choose their reality and if in your reality you are divorced then you chose that reality. Now many people will find this idea makes them angry, "I didn't choose, it was thrust upon me", but sadly your opinion is not as important as their Ideology. And their Ideology says that you chose this outcome. The idea that forces exist beyond our control doesn't fit within Liberalism because that would remove the idea that the individual is supreme.

It is this idea that allows Right or Economic Liberals to blame unemployment on the unemployed, if they weren't so lazy or fussy then they would have jobs. Ironically they reject the economy as the reason for unemployment or the answer to unemployment. The individual is exalted and blamed, the individual is supreme and if he is supreme then why hasn't he found an answer to his problem? The answer must be because he doesn't want to find an answer. He's just lazy or fussy, he needs to change his attitude and change his reality.

The idea that immigration creates more competition is seen as a good thing not a bad thing, the idea that women working, particularly married women creates more competition is seen as a good thing not as a bad thing. The fact that many jobs, particularly working class jobs have been sent overseas isn't a good enough reason to be unemployed. The fact that most new jobs are temporary or casual isn't a good enough reason to be unemployed. It all comes back to the individual, if you were better as a person, better educated, better trained, better motivated then you would have a job. The fact that the job doesn't actually exist, is merely inconvenient because the individual is supreme.

It is this idea that allows Left or Social Liberals to blame divorce on the divorced, if they had chosen better then they might still be married. They then push for more marriage "reform" and use the argument that anyone should be able to marry, look at the divorce rate. People demand choice and that is what they are being given.

But the fact is that no where have people campaigned for more liberal divorce laws, they were given to us by Liberalism. They chose for us and told us it was for our own good. I guess it fits in the mold of you cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs. The "omelette" they want is one where people chose to live the life that Left Liberalism wants and then to call it choice. You chose not to marry, it wasn't us, only losers aren't successful, are you a loser who couldn't get married or a winner who chose to not get married? Liberalism loves a winner, even when they lose.

If the individual is supreme then there is no higher authority, or reality. No higher forces, economic, social, legal etc. can be blamed for how life is. Life is about choices and you've made yours, even when the choices have been made for you. Remember the individual is supreme. Your responsible not us, Liberalism set you free. If your freedom means poverty then you chose that, if your freedom means loneliness then you chose that. Liberalism believes that the individual should be both exalted and blamed.

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