Tuesday 19 March 2013

Ideology Before Reality

Ideology before reality

Liberalism, like all Ideologies believes that it has the secret that will make the future grand. But when that comes up against reality, it can cause problems. For example equality between the sexes. Liberalism has come to believe that the two sexes are equal, not just before a judge or before God but in everything. In some countries it has gone so far that it has been decreed that woman may serve in combat. 

But men and women are not equal in all things, men are better at some things and women are better at others. But in Liberal circles that is akin to heresy. When the differences between men and women are pointed out there is always a call for that to change. 

How do you change Human nature and ability? You say it doesn’t exist. You insist that reality itself change, that reality is artificial, that belief is the new and better reality. You insist that reality stop being real. You insist that reality must surrender to ideology.

They then make their Ideology into law and we must now live our lives according to their belief, not according to reality. Most people aren't Liberals they simply want to get on with living their own life. But the Liberal law becomes their reality, it doesn't matter that people know it's nonsense, it should matter but it doesn't. To get through the day they must submit, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly. 

How do you fix a problem when you cannot identify it? I often wonder that when I watch the news, how do you fix a problem when it goes against Ideology? Liberalism cannot fix this problem, in fact it doesn't even realise it is a problem.  


  1. Well put. If reality does not match my ideology, my ideology must win. That would explain why so many in the ruling elite of the West have utterly lost touch with reality. They don't even see it.